Section IV leads the way with 45 all-state selections

Section IV proved their dominance once again with 45 all-state selections in 2019, edging Section VI's 41.  The big winners were Makenzie Stiles of Deposit, who claimed her FIFTH straight Class D Player of the Year award; Bella Willsey of Edison, who won Class C Player of the Year honors; and Laura Bennett of Corning, who claimed the Class AA Player of the Year award.

In addition, three coaches brought home the top award as well.  Dan Briggs of Deposit was named Class D Coach of the Year, Liz Warren of Edison was selected as Class C Coach of the Year, and Mike Johnston of Corning was awarded the Class AA Coach of the Year.

Congratulations to all of these fantastic Section IV representatives for making 2019 another historic season!

* Scroll to the bottom to see every Section IV Player and Coach of the Year in history.

* For a complete list of every selection for each section in New York, visit the All-Time Lists page.

Section IV Representatives

Class AA

Player of the Year - Laura Bennett, Corning

1st Team

P - Laura Bennett (sr.) - Corning

SS - Atalyia Rijo (fresh.) - Corning

3rd Team

1B - Tess Cites (jr.) - Horseheads

SS - Kendall Cook (sr.) - Horseheads

4th Team

C - Sarah Coon (soph.) - Elmira

3B - Alexis Wood (sr.) - Elmira

5th Team

DP - Ellie Daugherty (jr.) - Corning

C - Maiah Skakal (jr.) - Horseheads

6th Team

C - Kalea Faulk (soph.) - Corning

Class A

1st Team

SS - Taylor Mischler (sr.) - Union-Endicott

P - Allie L'Amoreaux (jr.) - Maine-Endwell

2nd Team

1B - Amanda DeSantis (soph.) - Maine-Endwell

OF - Melissa Demo (soph.) - Maine-Endwell

4th Team

CF - Maddie Donlin (soph.) - Vestal

5th Team

CF - Abby Madigan (sr.) - Union-Endicott

7th Team

SS - Meredith Rose (jr.) - Maine-Endwell

Class B

1st Team

P - Wendi Hammond (sr.) - Waverly

P/1B - Alex Deeter (jr.) - Susquehanna Valley

2nd Team

2B - Ava Spottek (fresh.) - Susquehanna Valley

3rd Team

SS - Grace Cadden (soph.) - Chenango Forks

4th Team

C - Riley Hall (jr.) - Waverly

C - Alyssa Lezotte (sr.) - Susquehanna Valley

5th Team

OF - Madyson Biermann (sr.) - Windsor

Class C

Player of the Year - Bella Willsey, Edison

1st Team

P - Bella Willsey (sr.) - Edison

OF - Riley Vincent (jr.) - Edison

2nd Team

P - Tiyah Moffe (sr.) - Elmira Notre Dame

3B - Reagan Seelye (jr.) - Edison

3rd Team

OF - KK Bush (jr.) - Edison

4th Team

SS - Mackenzie Robertson (sr.) - Harpursville

P - Grace Vondracek (jr.) - Odessa-Montour

1B - Telona White (sr.) - Union Springs

5th Team

SS - McKenna Sergi (sr.) - Greene

SS - Jennah Kareem (jr.) - Candor

C - Alexus Roys (sr.) - Harpursville

P - Olivia Kennedy (fresh.) - Greene

Class D

Player of the Year - Makenzie Stiles, Deposit

1st Team

P - Makenzie Stiles (sr.) - Deposit

C - Bryn Martin (sr.) - Deposit

3B - Mikayla Martin (jr.) - Deposit

2B - Riley Martin (fresh.) - Deposit

2nd Team

CF - Danielle Seymour (soph.) - Deposit

OF - Laycee Drake (soph.) - Hancock

3B - Kaitlyn Mitchell (sr.) - Marathon

3rd Team

C - Hayleigh Weyrauch (soph.) - Hancock

P - Brenna Mitchell (sr.) - Marathon

4th Team

OF - Alaina Smith (soph.) - Deposit

Past Section IV All-State Members:


AA: 1st - Kendall Cook (Horseheads); 2nd - Alexis Wood (Elmira); 3rd - Tess Cites (Horseheads); 4th - Alli Richmond (Horseheads); 5th - Laura Bennett (Corning); 6th - Atalyia Rijo (Corning); 7th - Bella Reese (Elmira)

A: POY - Emily Hess (Maine-Endwell); 1st - Hess, Taylor Mischler (Union-Endicott); 2nd - Amanda DeSantis (Maine-Endwell), Meredith Rose (Maine-Endwell); 3rd - Abby Madigan (Union-Endicott); 4th - Abby Mancini (Union-Endicott), Natalie Novak (Johnson City); 5th - Allie L'Amoreaux (Maine-Endwell)

B: 1st - Sophia Pappas (Susquehanna Valley), Wendi Hammond (Waverly); 2nd - Allison Smith (Windsor), Hannah Haskell (Susquehanna Valley); 3rd - Avery Copeland (Chenango Forks), Zoe Mennig (Waverly); 4th - McKenzi Donahue (Windsor); 5th - Jordan Jones (Chenango Forks)

C: 1st - Izzy Milazzo (Elmira Notre Dame), Bella Willsey (Edison); 2nd - Megan Palmatier (Bainbridge-Guilford), Haley Maggs (Edison); 3rd - Jodie Burdick (Edison); 4th - Mariah Culver (Tioga), Bailey Mudge (Union Springs)

D: POY - Makenzie Stiles (Deposit); 1st - Stiles, Kyra Martin (Deposit), Bryn Martin (Deposit), Erin Ballard (Deposit); 2nd - Aubrin Smith (Deposit), Mikayla Martin (Deposit); 3rd - Laycee Drake (Hancock); 4th - Alaina Smith (Deposit), Madison Baciuska (Afton), Makaela Mills (Afton); 5th - Tracy Hatton (Afton), Kaci Marino (Hancock), Haleigh Nugent (Hancock)


AA: POY - Paige Rauch (Binghamton); 1st - Rauch; 2nd - Jenna Richmond (Horseheads); 3rd - Kaily LaForce (Binghamton), Kayla Gassner (Binghamton); 4th - Lacey O'Donnell (Horseheads), 6th - Alexis Wood (Elmira); 7th - Alli Richmond (Horseheads)

A: POY - Emily Hess (Maine-Endwell); 1st - Hess, Alexis Wanchisen (Maine-Endwell), Mikayla Garbarino (Maine-Endwell); 2nd - Natalie Novak (Johnson City), Meaghan Raleigh (Maine-Endwell); 3rd - Alexis Stetts (Johnson City); 4th - Katrina Fox (Johnson City); 5th - Ashley Hodges (Union-Endicott)

B: 1st - Sophia Pappas (Susquehanna Valley), Hannah Haskell (Susquehanna Valley); 2nd - Alexis Phillips (Chenango Valley); 3rd - Alexis Burge (Chenango Forks), Sophie Keehle (Susquehanna Valley); 4th - McKenzi Donahue (Windsor); 5th - Shailei Kraft (Waverly), Amber Cina (Windsor)

C: 1st - Izzy Milazzo (Elmira Notre Dame), Mackenzie Maloney (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd - Grace Van Horn (Union Springs), Laura Tryon (Edison); 3rd - Megan Palmatier (Bainbridge-Guilford), Maura Glovins (Elmira Notre Dame), Mackenzie Mahajan (Elmira Notre Dame); 4th - Jodie Burdick (Edison)

D: POY - Makenzie Stiles (Deposit); 1st - Stiles, Kyra Martin (Deposit), Catherine Johnson (Edmeston), Sarah Lawrence (Edmeston); 2nd - Bryn Martin (Deposit), Alea Tiffany (Deposit), Aubrin Smith (Deposit); 3rd - Mikayla Martin (Deposit), Erin Ballard (Deposit), Laycee Drake (Hancock); 4th - Rachel Greene (Edmeston), Abby Beaulieu (Afton); 5th - Cali Stevens (Afton)


AA: POY - Paige Rauch (Binghamton); 1st - Rauch, Alli McGovern (Binghamton); 2nd - Elena Shelepack (Binghamton); 3rd - Mariah Graham (Elmira); 4th - Alli Richmond (Horseheads); 5th - Allisa Rice (Horseheads); 6th - Makayla Pourby (Binghamton), Jill Murray (Horseheads); 7th - Kaily LaForce (Binghamton)

A: 1st - Alison Missavage (Maine-Endwell), Meaghan Raleigh (Maine-Endwell); 2nd - Izabel Pasquale (Union-Endicott), Katrina Fox (Johnson City); 3rd - Cassidy Barrett (Vestal); 4th - Daniella Dean (Maine-Endwell); 5th - Natalie Novak (Johnson City); 6th - Alex Hein (Johnson City), Alexis Wanchisen (Maine-Endwell)

B: 1st - Alexis Phillips (Chenango Valley), Sophia Pappas (Susquehanna Valley), Mara Kohlbach (Windsor); 2nd - Kylie Warner (Chenango Forks), Kassidy Seary (Norwich); 3rd - Allison Lockwood (Windsor), Hannah Eddy (Norwich); 5th - Danielle Cary (Windsor), Hannah Haskell (Susquehanna Valley); 6th - Katie Church (Chenango Forks), Liz Wickheiser (Windsor)

C: POY - Alivia Clark (Elmira Notre Dame); 1st - Clark, Mckenzie Slaven (Edison), Izzy Milazzo (Elmira Notre Dame), Mackenzie Maloney (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd - Samantha Wood (Tioga), Connor Decker (Sidney); 3rd - Courtney Crater (Elmira Notre Dame), Emily Lear (Edison), Megan Palmatier (Bainbridge-Guilford); 4th - Jolene Krom (Sidney)

D: Co-POY - Megan Faulkner (Deposit) and Makenzie Stiles (Deposit); 1st - Faulkner, Stiles, Kyra Martin (Deposit), Sarah Lawrence (Edmeston); 2nd - Amanda Greenwood (Afton), Bryn Martin (Deposit), Alea Tiffany (Deposit), Catherine Johnson (Edmeston), Sydney Smith (Edmeston); 3rd - Paige Polizzi (Afton), Jade Meehan (Roxbury); 4th - Devin Fox (Roxbury), Jenna Lutz (Davenport), Mikayla Martin (Deposit)


AA: 4th - Alli McGovern (Binghamton); 5th - Abby Topping (Elmira); 6th - Hailey Williamson (Horseheads); 7th - Kaily LaForce (Binghamton)

A: 2nd - Adrianna Harvey (Union-Endicott); 4th - Alison Missavage (Maine-Endwell); 5th - Karissa Kohlman (Vestal)

B: POY - Chelsea Henige (Chenango Valley); 1st - Henige, Sophia Pappas (Susquehanna Valley); 2nd - Paige Rauch (Windsor), Mara Kohlbach (Windsor); 3rd - Kylie Warner (Chenango Forks), Mckenzie Slaven (Edison); 4th - Shannon Moore (Norwich), Kassidy Seary (Norwich); 5th - Dani Forbidussi (Chenango Valley), Kiana Manuel (Waverly), Allison Lockwood (Windsor), 7th - Brianna Baker (Oneonta)

C: 1st - Alivia Clark (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd - Mackenzie Maloney (Elmira Notre Dame), Samantha Wood (Tioga), Connor Decker (Sidney); 3rd - Dani Barton (Tioga); 4th - Brooke Harvey (Elmira Notre Dame), Grace Van Horn (Union Springs); 5th - Laura Durdon (Greene)

D: POY - MaKenzie Stiles (Deposit); 1st - Stiles, Tanya Hatton (Afton), Cassidy Phillips (Afton), Megan Faulkner (Deposit), Kylie Papagelos (Deposit); 2nd - Bailey Sherman (Afton), Kate Tiffany (Deposit); 3rd - Catherine Johnson (Edmeston), Katie Richvalsky (Richfield Springs), Sarah Lawrence (Edmeston), Alea Tiffany (Deposit).


AA: 3rd - Katie Snyder (Elmira); 4th - Jessica Rutherford (Horseheads); 5th - Alexis Eastman (Union-Endicott)

A: 1st - Taylor Chidester (Maine-Endwell); 2nd - Kim Jones (Maine-Endwell); 4th - Hailey Blencowe (Corning); 5th - Megan Lewis (Corning)

B: 1st - Emma Benson (Windsor), Chelsea Henige (Chenango Valley), Paige Rauch (Windsor), Brianna Baker (Oneonta); 2nd - Mara Kohlbach (Windsor), Allison Lockwood (Windsor); 3rd - Sam Mennig (Waverly)

C: POY - Katelyn Warren (Edison); 1st - Warren, Mckenzie Slaven (Edison), Alivia Clark (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd - Zoe Derr (Edison), Connor Decker (Sidney); 3rd - Samantha Wood (Tioga); 4th - Jamison Valentino (Union Springs), Mackenzie Maloney (Elmira Notre Dame), Emily Lear (Edison); 5th - Dannielle Callear (Edison)

D: 1st - Kylie Papagelos (Deposit), Payton Cutting (Afton), Cassidy Phillips (Afton), Shelby Pettersen (Deposit); 2nd - Kassi Cook (Deposit); 3rd - Brooke Sherburne (Hancock), Katie Richvalsky (Richfield Springs), Catherine Johnson (Edmeston), Sarah Lawrence (Edmeston), Tanya Hatton (Afton).



AA: 2nd - Chaylen Andolino (Corning); 4th - Jessica Rutherford (Horseheads); 5th - Catherine Cites (Horseheads); 6th - Skyler Hoyt (Union-Endicott); 7th - Rachel Mouillessaux (Union-Endicott)

A: 3rd - Taylor Chidester (Maine-Endwell); 5th - Sarah Kelly (Vestal), Kristen Hickling (Vestal)

B: 1st - Michaela Transue (Chenango Forks), Emma Benson (Windsor), Brianna Baker (Oneonta), Morgan Starley (Windsor); 2nd - Bree Stinson (Chenango Valley), Ashley Kamp (Windsor); 3rd - Paige Rauch (Windsor); 4th - Shelby Cleaveland (Oneonta); 5th - Sabrina Bowman (Waverly), Allison Lockwood (Windsor)

C: POY - Olivia May (Elmira Notre Dame); 1st - May, Samantha Stento (Seton); Lauren Castellucci (Seton), Katelyn Warren (Edison); 3rd - Chelsea Storch (Edison); 4th - Alivia Clark (Elmira Notre Dame)

D: 1st - Cassidy Phillips (Afton), Payton Cutting (Afton), Justina Ellis (Deposit); 2nd - Bailey Sherman (Afton), Connor Decker (Afton), Ashley Rogalski (Afton); 3rd - Shelby Pettersen (Deposit), Kylie Papagelos (Deposit); 4th - Catherine Johnson (Edmeston), Brooke Sherburne (Hancock)


AA: 1st - Quincy Lewis (Corning); 3rd - Chaylen Andolino (Corning); 4th - Alexa Archambeault (Horseheads); 6th - Griffin McGiver (Union-Endicott); 7th - Brooke Owen (Horseheads)

A: 4th - Sidney Bendert (Maine-Endwell)

B: 1st - Michaela Transue (Chenango Forks), Kelly Costello (Windsor); 2nd - Morgan Starley (Windsor), Lindsey Haskell (Susquehanna Valley), Chelsea Henige (Chenango Valley), Taylor Stupski (Chenango Valley); 3rd - Shelly Tucker (Windsor); 4th - Seneca Baldwin (Oneonta)

C: 1st - Olivia May (Elmira Notre Dame), Rebecca Hanrahan (Greene), Sydney Dimon (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd - Taylor Ellis (Greene), Caitlin Willis (Greene), Elizabeth Warren (Edison), Taylor Chaffee (Watkins Glen); 3rd - Katelyn Warren (Edison);

D: 1st - MacKenzie Martin (Deposit), 2nd - Taylor Briggs (Afton), Payton Cutting (Afton), Hannah Freyer (Deposit), Justina Ellis (Deposit); 3rd - Cassidy Phillips (Afton); 4th - Jordan Beers (Franklin), Lindsay McGraw (Hancock)


AA: 2nd - Elyssa LaBaron (Corning); 4th - Amanda DeAngelo (Vestal); 5th - Quincy Lewis (Corning)

A: 2nd - Mollie Peck (Elmira Free Academy); 3rd - Cara Cawley (Maine-Endwell); 4th - Brittany Rando (Owego)

B: Co-POY - Cara Martin (Windsor) and Leslie Dempsey (Windsor); 1st - Martin, Dempsey, Kelly Costello (Windsor), Michaela Transue (Chenango Forks); 2nd - Taylor Hendrickson (Chenango Valley), Lindsey Haskell (Susquehanna Valley), Taylor Stupski (Chenango Valley), 3rd - Taylor Chaffee (Watkins Glen); 4th - Emma Benson (Windsor), Karli Theleman (Whitney Point), Brianna Haines (Oneonta), 5th - Hayley Dower (Oneonta)

C: POY - Olivia May (Elmira Notre Dame); 1st - May, Rebecca Hanrahan (Greene), Sydney Dimon (Elmira Notre Dame), Sarah Wayson (Tioga); 2nd - Kara McDuffee (Tioga), Caitlin Willis (Greene), Taylor Drake (Elmira Notre Dame); Marianna Thomaris (Elmira Notre Dame); 4th - Samantha Stento (Seton), Elizabeth Warren (Edison); 5th - Hannah Mackey (Moravia)

D: 1st - Taylor Briggs (Afton), MacKenzie Martin (Deposit), 2nd - Payton Cutting (Afton), Briar Roseboom (Milford); 3rd - Hannah Freyer (Deposit); 4th - Harley Jennings (Afton), Jessie Terrano (Franklin)


AA: 5th - Shannon Good (Horseheads); 6th - Ashley Lomonaco (Binghamton)

A: 1st - Emilie Rogers (Elmira Free Academy); 2nd - Kaitlyn Harris (Maine-Endwell); 4th - Stacey Fox (Johnson City); 5th - Mandy Fox (Elmira Free Academy)

B: POY - Mikala King (Chenango Valley); 1st - King, Jessica Bump (Windsor), Taylor Hendrickson (Chenango Valley), Leslie Dempsey (Windsor); 2nd - Meaghan Lewis (Chenango Valley), Cara Martin (Windsor), Lauren Eggleston (Chenango Valley); 3rd - Kelly Costello (Windsor), Michaela Transue (Chenango Forks); 4th - Erin Wolstenholme (Oneonta), Abby Godbout (Susquehanna Valley); 5th - Katie Huston (Chenango Valley), Lesley Harlem (Oneonta)

C: 1st - Rebecca Hanrahan (Greene), Olivia May (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd - Erin Jones (Seton), Sarah Wayson (Tioga); 3rd - Sydney Dimon (Elmira Notre Dame), Maria Turrigiano (Seton); 4th - Brittany Youngs (Greene), Hayley Hoffman (Tioga); 5th - Sam Darpino (Newark Valley), Danielle Gravel (Sidney)

D: POY - Jessie Winans (Afton); 1st - Winans, Stephanie Sherman (Afton), Stephanie Parsons (Afton); 2nd - Melissa Martin (Deposit), Susanna Johnson (Edmeston); 3rd - Jessica Bentley (Schenevus)


AA: 1st - Hali Enderby (Horseheads); 3rd - Alicia Cacciotti (Horseheads); 5th - Bertie Lake (Union-Endicott); 6th - Amy Van Houton (Vestal), Emily Reed (Binghamton)

A: 1st - Nicole Osovski (Maine-Endwell); 3rd - Sarah Rosenbarker (Maine-Endwell); 4th - Kaitlyn Harris (Maine-Endwell); 5th - Quincy Lewis (Corning West), Chelsey West (Johnson City), Holly Frampton (Corning West)

B: 1st - Dani Koltz (Chenango Valley), Demetra Kermidas (Chenango Valley); 2nd - Rebecca Griswold (Windsor), Kelsey Mullins (Susquehanna Valley); 3rd - Meaghan Lewis (Chenango Valley), Lindsey Haskell (Susquehanna Valley); 4th - Jessica Bump (Windsor); 5th - Lesley Harlem (Oneonta)

C: 1st - Sarah Wayson (Tioga), Emily Pautz (Elmira Notre Dame), Karli Walkley (Tioga); 2nd - Rebecca Hanrahan (Greene); 3rd - Sydney Dimon (Elmira Notre Dame); 4th - Marissa Miller (Tioga)

D: POY - Jessie Winans (Afton); 1st - Winans, Ashley Winans (Afton), Jennifer Boudreau (Afton); 2nd - Stephanie Parsons (Afton), Daisha Kane (Hancock); 3rd - Krista Baxter (Downsville), Stephanie Sherman (Afton)


AA: 1st - Hali Enderby (Horseheads); 2nd - Lindsey Stout (Vestal); 3rd - Abbie Surosky (Horseheads); 4th - Rachel Jones (Union-Endicott); 5th -  Alicia Cacciotti (Horseheads), 6th - Emily Reed (Binghamton)

A: 1st - Nicole Osovski (Maine-Endwell); 2nd - Morgan Edmondson (Johnson City); 3rd - Kaitlyn Harris (Maine-Endwell); 4th - Kolleene Simmons (Corning West)

B: POY - Kristin Waldorn (Windsor); 1st - Waldron, Megan Tucker (Windsor), Dani Koltz (Chenango Valley), Sierra Sheehan (Chenango Valley); 2nd - Tenley Halaquist (Windsor), Demetra Kermidas (Chenango Valley); 3rd - Megan Godbout (Susquehanna Valley); 4th - Kelsey Mullins (Susquehanna Valley)

C: 1st - Emily Pautz (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd - Taryn Lindquist (Elmira Notre Dame), Anderson Conte (Seton); 3rd - Sarah Wayson (Tioga); 4th - Marissa Miller (Tioga), Alicia Garbade (Seton)

D: POY - Jessie Winans (Afton); 1st - Winans, Morgan Muller (Afton); 2nd - Ashley Winans (Afton); 3rd - Amber Lynn (Afton), Holli Oberacker (Schenevus)



AA: 1st - Kara Morenus (Horseheads); 2nd - Cassie Eckenrode (Union-Endicott); 3rd - Lyndsay Hampton (Binghamton); 4th - Lindsey Stout (Vestal); 5th - Danielle Singer (Binghamton), Caitlin Carner (Binghamton), Abbie Surosky (Horseheads)

A: 2nd - Nicole Osovski (Maine-Endwell), 5th - Kolleene Simmons (Corning West), Amanda Poppleton (Corning West)

B: POY - Beckah Wiggins (Susquehanna Valley); 1st - Wiggans, Dani Koltz (Chenango Valley), Anne Marie Pagano (Whitney Point), Sierra Sheehan (Chenango Valley), Meghan Shager (Susquehanna Valley), Kristin Waldron (Windsor); 2nd - Kelly Schuldt (Whitney Point), Tenley Halaquist (Windsor), Donnalyn Cross (Chenango Valley); 3rd - Kara Gorgos (Susquehanna Valley); 4th - Dani Pendlebury (Susquehanna Valley)

C: 1st - Stephanie Geer (Seton); 2nd - Anderson Conte (Seton), Brittany Schrock (Edison); 4th - Alicia Garbade (Seton), Morgan Engelbert (Edison)

D: 1st - Jessie Winans (Afton), Morgan Muller (Afton), Liz Rice (Hancock); 2nd - Marie Loher (Afton)


AA: 1st - Jackie Dean (Horseheads); 2nd - Kara Morenus (Horseheads); 3rd - Cassie Eckenrode (Union-Endicott); 4th - Briana Andrews (Union-Endicott); 6th - Sammi Dieffenbach (Horseheads)

A: 1st - Nicole Osovski (Maine-Endwell); 2nd - Rachel Pirozzolo (Elmira Free Academy); 5th - Courtney Freeman (Corning West)

B: POY - Beckah Wiggins (Susquehanna Valley); 1st - Wiggins, Brittni Frantellizzi (Susquehanna Valley), Meghan Shager (Susquehanna Valley); 2nd - Kristin Waldron (Windsor), Jessica Koltz (Chenango Valley); 3rd - Kirsten Costello (Windsor), Mary Grace (Susquehanna Valley), Dani Koltz (Chenango Valley); 4th - Sierra Sheehan (Chenango Forks), Anne Marie Pagano (Whitney Point); 5th - Jillian Kreitzer (Elmira Notre Dame)

C: 2nd - Stephanie Geer (Seton), Kaitlyn Hamilton (Harpursville); 3rd - Megan Beschler (Edison)

D: 1st - Jessie Winans (Afton), Morgan Muller (Afton); 2nd - Brittany Sines (Afton), Liz Rice (Hancock)


AA: 1st – Meghan Doherty (Binghamton); 2nd – Kara Morenus (Horseheads); 5th – Jackie Dean (Horseheads)

A: POY – Beckah Wiggins (Susquehanna Valley); 1st – Wiggins, Meghan Shager (Susquehanna Valley), Brittni Frantellizzi (Susquehanna Valley); 3rd – Nicole Osovski (Maine-Endwell), Mary Grace (Susquehanna Valley); 4th – Shannon Pease (Susquehanna Valley), Rachel Pirozzolo (Elmira Free Academy); 5th – Stephanie Senko (Elmira Free Academy)

B: 1st – Kristin Waldron (Windsor), Megan Waldron (Windsor); 2nd – Kirsten Costello (Windsor); 3rd – Dani Koltz (Chenango Valley); 4th – Anne Marie Pagano (Whitney Point)

C: 1st – Monika Green (Edison); 2nd – Liz Hauke (Seton), Jillian Kreitzer (Elmira Notre Dame), Stephanie Geer (Seton)

D: 1st – Lindsay Page (Afton); 2nd – Jessie Winans (Afton), Katrina Katen (Deposit)



AA: 1st – Michelle Forsburg (Vestal); 4th – Amanda Rosplock (Union-Endicott), Maura Brady (Binghamton); 5th – Carrie Flasphaler (Horseheads)

A: POY – Rachael Wiggins (Susquehanna Valley); 1st – Wiggins, Brittni Frantellizzi (Susquehanna Valley); 2nd – Meghan Shager (Susquehanna Valley); 3rd – Stephanie Senko (Elmira Free Academy), Shannon Pease (Susquehanna Valley); 4th – Danielle Miller (Owego); 5th – Rachel Pirozzolo (Elmira Free Academy)

B: POY – Ashley Buchanan (Windsor); 1st – Buchanan; 2nd – Kristin Waldron (Windsor), Kirsten Costello (Windsor), Jessica McPherson (Owego); 3rd – Gina Juriga (Chenango Forks), Megan Waldron (Windsor)

C: 1st – Natalie Frost (Elmira Notre Dame), Lindsay Knapp (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd – Monika Green (Edison), 3rd – Nicole McDonald (Edison), Jillian Kreitzer (Elmira Notre Dame), Stephanie Geer (Seton)

D: 1st – Renee Kemmerer (Afton), Lindsay Page (Afton), Lacey Andersen (Deposit); 2nd – Heather Sines (Afton), Katrina Katen (Deposit)



A: POY – Sara Surosky (Horseheads); 1st – Surosky; 2nd – Michelle Forsburg (Vestal), Laura Belardinelli (Union-Endicott); 4th – Emily Hoffman (Vestal), Katie Bertoni (Union-Endicott), Ashley Crozier (Horseheads)

B: Co-POY – Mary Ellen Russell (Owego) and Rachael Wiggins (Susquehanna Valley); 1st – Russell, Wiggins, Martha Senko (Elmira Free Academy); 2nd – Danielle Spalik (Johnson City), Megan Peters (Chenango Valley); 3rd – Shannon Pease (Susquehanna Valley); 4th – Brittni Frantellizzi (Susquehanna Valley), Stephanie Senko (Elmira Free Academy), Megan Phillips (Windsor)

C: 1st – Natalie Frost (Elmira Notre Dame), Kristen Merrell (Harpursville); 2nd – Lisa Meck (Elmira Notre Dame), Nicole McDonald (Edison); 3rd – Lindsay Knapp (Elmira Notre Dame); 4th – Katie Fox (Seton), Brittany Schnautz (Elmira Notre Dame)

D: 1st- Renee Kemmerer (Afton), Lindsay Page (Afton), Liz Akshar (Afton); 2nd – Lacey Andersen (Deposit), Jessie Page (Afton)



A: 1st – Sara Surosky (Horseheads), Lauren Picciano (Union-Endicott), 2nd – Jen Winters (Vestal); 3rd – Laura Belardinelli (Union-Endicott), Michelle Forsburg (Vestal); 4th – Katrina Dunning (Horseheads)

B: 1st – Rachael Wiggins (Susquehanna Valley), Megan Oliver (Maine-Endwell), Mary Ellen Russell (Owego); 2nd – Dani Maye (Windsor); 3rd – Martha Senko (Elmira Notre Dame), Katie Forsythe (Chenango Valley), Theresa Walsh (Susquehanna Valley); 5th – Kim Spreng (Elmira Free Academy), Theresa Gugger (Susquehanna Valley)

C: 1st – Annie Eckerson (Seton), Natalie Frost (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd – Lisa Meck (Elmira Notre Dame); 3rd – Brittany Schnautz (Elmira Notre Dame), Kristen Merrell (Harpursville), Katie Fox (Johnson City)

D: POY – Kris Kelly (Afton); 1st – Kelly, Renee Kemmerer (Afton), Ashley Sherman (Afton), Brigette Hanson (Afton); 2nd – Lindsay Page (Afton), Jenna Bernhan (Margaretville), Jessie Page (Afton); 3rd – Kym Wood (Hancock), Liz Akshar (Afton)



A: 1st – Nikki Matisi (Union-Endicott), Kelly D’Angelo (Elmira Southside); 2nd – Sara Surosky (Horseheads); 4th – Lauren Picciano (Union-Endicott); 5th – Kim Spreng (Elmira Free Academy); 6th – Katrina Dunning (Horseheads)

B: POY – Emily Ling (Chenango Valley); 1st – Ling; 2nd – Rachael Wiggins (Susquehanna Valley), Mary Ellen Russell (Owego), Katie Forsythe (Chenango Valley); 3rd – Kim Huson (Johnson City), Theresa Walsh (Susquehanna Valley); 4th – Stephanie Barton (Windsor), Megan Oliver (Maine-Endwell)

C: POY – Megan Evans (Elmira Notre Dame); 1st – Evans, Melanie Potson (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd – Jeanette Rinker (Seton), Annie Eckerson (Seton); 3rd – Natalie Frost (Elmira Notre Dame), Lisa Meck (Elmira Notre Dame); 4th – Regina Taylor (Harpursville); 5th – Tara McDevitt (Seton)

D: POY – Kris Kelly (Afton); 1st – Kelly, Kristin Winnie (Afton), Christina Kirkaldy (Afton), Ashley Sherman (Afton); 2nd – Jean Alpin (Windham-Ashland-Jewett), Lindsay Smith (Margaretville); 3rd – Renee Kemmerer (Afton), Brigitte Hansen (Afton)



A: POY – Ann Magur (Union-Endicott); 1st – Magur; 2nd – Sara Surosky (Horseheads), Nikki Matisi (Union-Endicott), Kris Willerton (Binghamton); 3rd – Jen Winters (Vestal), Kate Gentile (Union-Endicott); 4th – Katrina Dunning (Horseheads); 5th – Kelly D’Angleo (Elmira Southside)

B: 1st – Emily Ling (Chenango Valley), Lara Stone (Windsor); 2nd – Liz Lyon (Windsor), Jessica Morey (Owego); 3rd – Rachael Wiggins (Susquehanna Valley); 5th – Theresa Walsh (Susquehanna Valley), Megan Oliver (Maine-Endwell); 6th – Patti Zwick (Owego), Katie Forsythe (Chenango Valley)

C: POY – Megan Evans (Elmira Notre Dame); 1st – Evans, Melanie Potson (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd – Ann Valeant (Elmira Notre Dame); 3rd – Jeanette Rinker (Seton), Billie Boles (Lansing); 5th – Liz Eaton (Sidney)

D: 1st – Tamara Snyder (Roxbury), Katrina Kellerhouse (Roxbury), Ashley Sherman (Afton); 2nd – Kris Kelly (Afton), Lindsay Smith (Margaretville)



A: 1st – Amanda Kent (Horseheads), Ann Magur (Union-Endicott), Nikki Matisi (Union-Endicott); 2nd – Heather Mercer (Horseheads), Shannon Smith (Horseheads); 3rd – Leanna Smith (Horseheads); 6th – Leah Ritch (Vestal), Jen Winters (Vestal)

B: POY – Barb Cook (Susquehanna Valley); 1st – Cook, Rachel Chandler (Waverly), Lindsay Connor (Chenango Forks); 2nd – Lara Stone (Windsor); 3rd – Lisa Henningsen (Susquehanna Valley), Emily Ling (Chenango Valley), Erin Micha (Johnson City); 5th – Laurel Koster (Maine-Endwell)

C: 1st – Megan Evans (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd – Billie Boles (Lansing), Tami Swearingen (Lansing); 4th – Nikki Rowe (Harpursville)

D: 1st – Kris Kelly (Afton), Ashley Sherman (Afton); 2nd – April Cornell (Afton); 3rd – Tamara Snyder (Roxbury)



A: 1st – Alicia Bocek (Binghamton), Ann Magur (Union-Endicott); 3rd – Colleen Shaw (Elmira Notre Dame), Audrey White (Horseheads); 4th – Amanda Kent (Horseheads), Kristina Dillon (Binghamton)

B: POY – Barb Cook (Susquehanna Valley); 1st – Cook, Sara DeClemente (Corning West), Amy Dodd (Susquehanna Valley), Amanda Daniels (Corning), Char Dodd (Susquehanna Valley); 3rd – Lisa Henningsen (Susquehanna Valley), Deb Hodge (Susquehanna Valley); 4th – Alisa Ducsik (Windsor)

C: 1st – Katie Crandall (Lansing), Billie Boles (Lansing); 2nd – Bernice St. Clair (Seton); 3rd – Tammi Swearingen (Lansing), Mona Lee (Seton)

D: 1st – Andrea Noyes (Afton), Jessica Natale (Deposit), Ann Nute (Afton); 2nd – Tamara Snyder (Roxbury), Ollie Noyes (Afton), Ashley Sherman (Afton)



A: 1st – Alicia Bocek (Binghamton); 2nd – Jodie Flacco (Union-Endicott), Danielle Shaver (Vestal), Jamie Huffcut (Vestal); 3rd – Felicia Malarkey (Union-Endicott); 4th – Ann Magur (Union-Endicott), Emily Senko (Elmira Free Academy); 5th – Kristina Dillon (Binghamton), Adrianne Picciano (Union-Endicott)

B: POY – Barb Cook (Susquehanna Valley); 1st – Cook, Sara DeClemente (Corning West), Shelly Burrell (Owego), Char Dodd (Susquehanna Valley), Sami Fancher (Susquehanna Valley); 2nd – Missy LaBarre (Susquehanna Valley), Amy Dodd (Susquehanna Valley), Kristin Doris (Owego); 3rd – Kelly Ellis (Owego); 4th – Katrina Heath (Owego)

C: 1st – Valorie Bauer (Greene), Bernice St. Clair (Seton); 2nd – Tanya Meck (Elmira Notre Dame), Mona Lee (Seton), Katie Crandall (Lansing); 3rd – Jessica Craver (Watkins Glen)

D: POY – Andrea Noyes (Afton); 1st – Noyes, Ann Nute (Afton), Jodie Neumann (Afton); 2nd – Michelle Castle (Afton), Ollie Noyes (Afton)



A: POY – Christina Kowalski (Horseheads); 1st – Kowalski, Melanie Klaus (Horseheads), Brittany Sharp (Horseheads), Felica Smith (Vestal), Lea Younker (Vestal); 2nd – Alicia Bocek (Binghamton); Leslie Baker (Horseheads); 3rd – Holly Dairymple (Horseheads)

B: 1st – Barb Cook (Susquehanna Valley), Char Dodd (Susquehanna Valley), Shelly Burrell (Owego), Meaghan Coleman (Susquehanna Valley), Kristen Keeler (Elmira Free Academy); 2nd – Danielle Guccia (Johnson City), Jess Newland (Susquehanna Valley); 3rd – Tanya Heath (Chenango Forks)

C: POY – Julie Stashko (Seton); 1st – Stashko, Jamie Pier (Windsor), Regina Speicher (Seton), Danielle Baldwin (Bainbridge-Guilford); 4th – Kathy Speicher (Seton)

D: 1st – Andrea Noyes (Afton), Katie Crandall (Lansing), Michelle Castle (Afton), Liz McGrail (Stamford), Danielle Noyes (Afton); 4th – Ollie Noyes (Afton)



A: 1st – Christina Kowalski (Horseheads), Lea Younker (Vestal); 3rd – Jennifer Crain (Horseheads), Marci Forbidussi (Union-Endicott); 4th – Becky Chase (Union-Endicott); 5th – Kerri Feheley (Binghamton), Danielle Shaver (Vestal)

B: 1st – Shelly Burrell (Owego), Meaghan Coleman (Susquehanna Valley), Tanya Heath (Chenango Forks), Tara McGoff (Chenango Valley); 2nd – Danielle Guccia (Johnson City), Sunshine Leonard (Chenango Forks); 3rd – Leslie Lance (Johnson City); 4th – Barb Cook (Susquehanna Valley), Char Dodd (Susquehanna Valley), Cori Drummond (Corning West)

C: 1st – Joy Judski (Seton), Regina Speicher (Seton), Julie Stashko (Seton); 2nd – Jamie Pier (Windsor), Kara Spolsky (Seton); 3rd – April Meyer (Oxford); 4th – Jennifer Pratt (Greene); 5th – Karen Yenger (Edison)

D: 1st – Toni Darling (Groton), Andrea Noyes (Afton), Ollie Noyes (Afton); 2nd – Cori Anderson (Afton), Michelle Castle (Afton), Danielle Noyes (Afton)



A: 1st – Kelly Buckley (Horseheads), Nicole Monroney (Union-Endicott); 2nd – Jerica Crane (Horseheads), Marci Forbidussi (Union-Endicott), Jen Stilata (Elmira Southside); 3rd – Jen Switzer (Ithaca); 4th – Kristen Shadduck (Binghamton), Christina Kowalski (Horseheads), Anne Chanecka (Binghamton); 5th – Heidi Strope (Elmira Southside)

B: 1st – Jenn Markert (Chenango Forks), Carrie Anne Bush (Chenango Forks), Rachel Racibor (Owego), Shelly Burrell (Owego), Brandi Evans (Maine-Endwell); 2nd – Cori Drummond (Corning West); 3rd – Meghan Coleman (Susquehanna Valley); 4th – Charlene Cook (Johnson City), Sunshine Leonard (Chenango Forks); 5th – Melissa Santacrose (Norwich)

C: POY – Julie Stashko (Seton); 1st – Stashko, Tara McGoff (Chenango Valley), Joy Judski (Seton), Kara Spolsky (Seton); 2nd – Linda Houston (Harpursville); 3rd – Margo McGowan (Oxford), Danielle Baldwin (Bainbridge-Guilford); 4th – Wendy Lee (Windsor), Jennifer Pratt (Greene)

D: 1st – Karen Yenger (Edison), Chris Weigel (Edison); 2nd – Katie Evener (Groton), Evie Van Houton (Spencer-Van Etten); 3rd – Laura Herrick (Lansing), Toni Darling (Groton), Michelle Eggleston (Afton); 4th – Ellen McGrail (Stamford); 5th – Stacy Smith (Waverly)



A: 1st – Christina Kowalski (Horseheads), Kelly Buckley (Horseheads), Marci Forbidussi (Union-Endicott), Danea Ciotoli (Union-Endicott); 2nd – Jerica Crain (Horseheads); 3rd – Karen Burge (Elmira Southside), Kelly Ritch (Vestal); 4th – Lori Lasher (Binghamton), Nicole Monroney (Union-Endicott); 5th – Bridget Baxter (Binghamton)

B: POY – Jenn Markert (Chenango Forks); 1st – Markert, Tara McGoff (Chenango Valley), Bobbie Goga (Chenango Forks), Carrie Anne Bush (Chenango Forks), Stacey Stuart (Johnson City); 3rd – Rachel Racibor (Owego), Kris Antonyak (Chenango Forks), Lauren Campbell (Chenango Valley); 4th – Kelly Keeler (Elmira Free Academy), Charlene Cook (Johnson City)

C: 1st – Julie Stashko (Seton), Liz Wagner (Sidney), Regina Speicher (Seton), Josette Woodyshek (Sidney); 2nd – Theresa Crapero (Seton), Mary Ducey (Seton), Jennifer Hogan (Windsor); 4th – Joy Judski (Seton)

D: 1st – Renee Thayer (Harpursville), Nancy Wells (Lansing); 2nd – Casey Bowers (Harpursville), Crystal Cook (Deposit); 3rd – Angela Ellis (Lansing), Michelle Eggleston (Afton); 5th – Jennifer Jonas (Lansing)



A: 1st – Jill Webster (Horseheads), Bridget Baxter (Binghamton), Kelly Ritch (Vestal); 2nd – Danea Ciotoli (Union-Endicott), Jen Fitzgerald (Union-Endicott); 3rd – Diane Curtin (Union-Endicott); 4th – Heather Surdak (Horseheads), Jodi Webster (Horseheads); 5th – Marci Forbidussi (Union-Endicott), Kelley Sax (Vestal)

B: 1st – Jenn Markert (Chenango Forks), Connie Blaisure (Chenango Valley), Nicky Pavlick (Chenango Forks); 2nd – Charlene Cook (Johnson City), Tara McGoff (Chenango Valley), Tambi Yu (Chenango Valley); 3rd – Dani Lutsic (Johnson City); 4th – Beth Scales (Chenango Forks), Cherie Smith (Elmira Free Academy); 5th – Kara Hassinger (Chenango Forks), Jennifer Ruddy (Johnson City); HM – Kris Antonyak (Chenango Forks), Bobbie Goga (Chenango Forks), DeeDee Huber (Owego)

C: 1st – Bobbie Jo McMail (Elmira Notre Dame), Mary Ducey (Seton); 2nd – Joy Judski (Seton), Liz Wagner (Sidney), Josette Woodyshek (Sidney); 3rd – Amy Pratt (Greene), Amy Winchell (Windsor); 4th – Kristen Diamond (Oxford), Bridget Ford (Seton); 5th – Danielle Doane (Spencer-Van Etten)

D: 1st – Renee Thayer (Harpursville), Casey Bowers (Harpursville), Angela Ellis (Lansing); 2nd – Stacie Conklin (Deposit), Christy Yost (Harpursville); 4th – Rosie Albano (Roxbury), Chrissy Axtell (Deposit), Julie Griffin (Margaretville), Becky Sutton (Gilboa); 5th – Shelly Bryant (Windham-Ashland-Jewett), Nancy Wells (Lansing)


A: 1st – Tricia Matison (Horseheads), Kim Lake (Binghamton); 2nd – Holly Jeffery (Union-Endicott), Jill Webster (Horseheads); 3rd – Bridget Baxter (Binghamton), Kelley Sax (Vestal), Samantha Riegel (Union-Endicott); 4th – Kelly Buckley (Horseheads); 5th – Kelly Ritch (Vestal)

B: 1st – Alycia Walker (Johnson City), Kari Smith (Chenango Forks), Kera Sommer (Chenango Forks); 2nd – Charlene Cook (Johnson City), Kara Hassinger (Chenango Forks); 3rd – Tambi Yu (Chenango Valley), Cherie Smith (Elmira Free Academy); 4th – Chris Dyman (Johnson City), Lynn Baker (Chenango Valley), Beth Gillin (Chenango Forks); 5th – Jenn Markert (Chenango Forks)

C: 1st – Michelle Callahan (Seton), Liz Wagner (Sidney); 2nd – Bobbie Jo McMail (Elmira Notre Dame), Denise Yasharian (Harpursville); 3rd – Christy Palilonis (Windsor), Josette Woodyshek (Sidney), Bridget Mills (Greene); 4th – Char Loomis (Lansing), Laura Criddle (Harpursville); 5th – Michelle Bump (Windsor)

D: 1st – Maureen Mawhir (Edison), Stacey Gryska (Edison), Chrissy Axtell (Deposit); 2nd – Julie Griffin (Margaretville); 3rd – Robin Hoyt (Edison), Laurie Darling (Roxbury), Kari Blish (Margaretville); 4th – Stacie Conklin (Deposit)



(No Classes, Just Teams): 1st – Christin Conroy (Chenango Valley), Stephanie Malchak (Johnson City); 2nd – Mary Bishop (Union-Endicott), Kelley Sax (Vestal), Amy Vrendenburgh (Chenango Forks), 3rd – Kelly LaBare (Union-Endicott); 4th – Tammy Seymour (Deposit), Kim Wida (Elmira Southside); 5th – Carrie Chase (Union-Endicott), Tania Cieri (Union-Endicott); 6th – Tricia Matison (Horseheads), Denise Yasharian (Harpursville); 7th – Beth Gillin (Chenango Forks), Bobbie Jo McMail (Elmira Notre Dame); 8th – Lis Vosbury (Susquehanna Valley); 9th – Gina Van Pelt (Deposit), Kathy Wida (Elmira Southside); 10th – Heather Beadle (Greene)

* For a full list of players dating back to 2006, head over to the New York State Sportswriters Association website.
Total Number of All-State Selections by School

Afton: 89

Susquehanna Valley: 66

Horseheads: 65

Windsor: 61

Deposit: 55

Elmira Notre Dame: 55

Union-Endicott: 51

Chenango Valley: 44

Seton: 43

Chenango Forks: 37

Maine-Endwell: 36

Edison: 35

Binghamton: 33  

Vestal: 29

Johnson City: 27

Owego: 18

Elmira Free Academy: 17

Greene: 17  

Harpursville: 16

Lansing: 15

Corning: 13

Tioga: 14

Hancock: 13

Edmeston: 12

Sidney: 12

Corning West: 11

Oneonta: 10

Waverly: 10

Elmira: 8

Roxbury: 8

Elmira Southside: 7

Margaretville: 6  

Bainbridge-Guilford: 5  

Norwich: 5

Union Springs: 5

Whitney Point: 5

Groton: 3

Oxford: 3

Watkins Glen: 3

Franklin: 2

Marathon: 2

Richfield Springs: 2

Schenevus: 2

Spencer-Van Etten: 2

Stamford: 2

Windham-Ashland-Jewett: 2

Candor: 1

Downsville: 1  

Gilboa: 1

Ithaca: 1

Milford: 1

Moravia: 1

Newark Valley: 1

Odessa-Montour: 1

Binghamton North: 0

Cherry Valley-Springfield: 0  

Corning East: 0

Delhi: 0  

Dryden: 0   

Gilbertsville: 0

Gilbertsville-Mount Upton: 0

Grand Gorge: 0

Hunter-Tannersville: 0

Jefferson: 0

Laurens: 0

McGraw: 0

Morris: 0

New Berlin: 0

Newfield: 0

Otselic Valley: 0

Sherburne-Earlville: 0

Southern Cayuga: 0

South Kortright: 0

South New Berlin: 0

Trumansburg: 0

Unadilla Valley: 0

Unatego: 0

Walton: 0

Worcester: 0

New York State Player of the Year

All 46 Selections from Section IV


Makenzie Stiles, Deposit - Class D (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)



Barb Cook, Susquehanna Valley - Class B (1997, 1998, 1999)

Beckah Wiggins, Susquehanna Valley - Class A (2005) Class B (2006, 2007)

Jessie Winans, Afton - Class D (2008, 2009, 2010)



Julie Stashko, Seton - Class C (1994*, 1996)

Megan Evans, Elmira Notre Dame - Class C (2000, 2001)

Kris Kelly, Afton - Class D (2001, 2002)

Rachael Wiggins, Susquehanna Valley - Class B (2003, 2004)

Olivia May, Elmira Notre Dame - Class C (2011, 2013) 

Paige Rauch, Binghamton - Class AA (2016, 2017)

Emily Hess, Maine-Endwell - Class A (2017, 2018)



Jenn Markert, Chenango Forks - Class B (1993*)

Christina Kowalski, Horseheads - Class A (1996)

Andrea Noyes, Afton - Class D (1997)

Ann Magur, Union-Endicott - Class A (2000) 

Emily Ling, Chenango Valley - Class B (2001)

Mary Ellen Russell, Owego - Class B (2003)

Sara Surosky, Horseheads - Class A (2003) 

Ashley Buchanan, Windsor - Class B (2004)

Kristin Waldron, Windsor - Class B (2008)

Mikala King, Chenango Valley - Class B (2010)

Leslie Dempsey, Windsor - Class B (2011)

Cara Martin, Windsor - Class B (2011)

Katelyn Warren, Edison - Class C (2014) 

Chelsea Henige, Chenango Valley - Class B (2015)

Alivia Clark, Elmira Notre Dame - Class C (2016)

Megan Faulkner, Deposit - Class D (2016)

Laura Bennett, Corning - Class AA (2019)

Bella Willsey, Edison - Class C (2019)

* State Player of the Year for all classes

New York State Coach of the Year

All 29 Selections from Section IV


Dale Cook, Susquehanna Valley - Class B (1996, 1997, 1998, 2006) Class A (2005) 


Cindy Bostelman, Afton - Class D (1995, 2001, 2005, 2009) 



Bill Waldron, Windsor - Class B (2008, 2011, 2013)



Ed Swartwout, Deposit - Class D (2011, 2015)

Steve Weber, Elmira Notre Dame - Class C (2011, 2016)

Dan Briggs, Deposit - Class D (2016, 2019)



Ron Decosse, Chenango Forks - Class B (1993*)

Vickie Sax, Vestal - Class A (1995)

Warren Conklin, Horseheads - Class A (1996)

Heather Vanca, Chenango Valley - Class B (2001)

Karen Bidwell, Susquehanna Valley - Class B (2007)

Eric Coleman, Chenango Valley - Class B (2010)

Rebecca Cooper, Edison - Class C (2014)

Joe Mancinelli, Binghamton - Class AA (2016)

Matt Raleigh, Maine-Endwell - Class A (2016)

Ken Plows, Edmeston - Class D (2017)

Mike Johnston, Corning - Class AA (2019)

Liz Warren, Edison - Class C (2019)

*State Coach of the Year for all classes

Multiple Appearances on the All-State List


Jessie Winans, Afton (2005-2010)



Barb Cook, Susquehanna Valley (1995-1999)

Ashley Sherman, Afton (1998-2002)

Rachael Wiggins, Susquehanna Valley (2000-2004)

Catherine Johnson, Edmeston (2003-2007)

Dani Koltz, Chenango Valley (2005-2009)

Nicole Osovski, Maine-Endwell (2005-2009)

Paige Rauch, Windsor (2013-2015) Binghamton (2016-2017)

Makenzie Stiles, Deposit (2015-2019)



Charlene Cook, Johnson City (1991-1994)

Jenn Markert, Chenango Forks (1991-1994)

Marci Forbidussi, Union-Endicott (1992-1995)

Joy Judski, Seton (1992-1995)

Tara McGoff, Chenango Valley (1992-1995)

Christina Kowalski, Horseheads (1993-1996)

Julie Stashko, Seton (1993-1996)

Shelly Burrell, Owego (1994-1997)

Char Dodd, Susquehanna Valley (1995-1998)

Andrea Noyes, Afton (1995-1998)

Ollie Noyes, Afton (1995-1998)

Ann Magur, Union-Endicott (1997-2000)

Kris Kelly, Afton (1999-2002)

Sara Surosky, Horseheads (2000-2003)

Natalie Frost, Elmira Notre Dame (2001-2004)

Renee Kemmerer, Afton (2001-2004) 

Lindsay Page, Afton (2002-2005)

Brittni Frantellizzi, Susquehanna Valley (2003-2006)

Stephanie Geer, Seton (2004-2007)

Meghan Shager, Susquehanna Valley (2004-2007)

Kristin Waldron, Windsor (2005-2008)

Sarah Wayson, Tioga (2008-2011)  

Sydney Dimon, Elmira Notre Dame (2009-2012)

Rebecca Hanrahan, Greene (2009-2012)

Olivia May, Elmira Notre Dame (2010-2013)

Michaela Transue, Chenango Forks (2010-2013)

Payton Cutting, Afton (2011-2014)

Cassidy Phillips, Afton (2012-2015)  

Alivia Clark, Elmira Notre Dame (2013-2016)

Connor Decker, Afton (2013) Sidney (2014-2016)

Allison Lockwood, Windsor (2013-2016)

Sarah Lawrence, Edmeston (2014-2017)

Mackenzie Maloney, Elmira Notre Dame (2014-2017)

Sophia Pappas, Susquehanna Valley (2015-2018)

Bryn Martin, Deposit (2016-2019)

Mikayla Martin, Deposit (2016-2019)


Bobbie Jo McMail, Elmira Notre Dame (1990-1992)

Kelley Sax, Vestal (1990-1992)

Bridget Baxter, Binghamton (1991-1993)

Kelley Buckley, Horseheads (1991, 1993-1994)

Kelly Ritch, Vestal (1991-1993)

Liz Wagner, Sidney (1991-1993)

Josette Woodyshek, Sidney (1991-1993)

Regina Speicher, Seton (1993, 1995-1996)

Michelle Castle, Afton (1995-1997)

Alicia Bocek, Binghamton (1996-1998)

Katie Crandall, Lansing (1996-1998)

Billie Boles, Lansing (1998-2000)

Tamara Snyder, Roxbury (1998-2000)

Megan Evans, Elmira Notre Dame (1999-2001)

Emily Ling, Chenango Valley (1999-2001)

Nikki Matisi, Union-Endicott (1999-2001)

Jen Winters, Vestal (1999-2000, 2002)

Katrina Dunning, Horseheads (2000-2002)

Katie Forsythe, Chenango Valley (2000-2002)

Megan Oliver, Maine-Endwell (2000-2002)

Theresa Walsh, Susquehanna Valley (2000-2002)

Mary Ellen Russell, Owego (2001-2003) 

Lisa Meck, Elmira Notre Dame (2001-2003)

Michelle Forsburg, Vestal (2002-2004)

Shannon Pease, Susquehanna Valley (2003-2005)

Stephanie Senko, Elmira Free Academy (2003-2005)

Kirsten Costello, Windsor (2004-2006)

Jessica Kreitzer, Elmira Notre Dame (2004-2006)

Rachel Pirozzolo, Elmira Free Academy (2004-2006)

Kara Morenus, Horseheads (2005-2007)

Anne Marie Pagano, Whitney Point (2005-2007)

Morgan Muller, Afton (2006-2008)

Sierra Sheehan, Chenango Forks (2006) Chenango Valley (2007-2008)

Kaitlyn Harris, Maine-Endwell (2008-2010)

Lindsey Haskell, Susquehanna Valley (2009, 2011-2012)

Quincy Lewis, Corning West (2009) Corning (2011-2012)

Kelly Costello, Windsor (2010-2012)

Emma Benson, Windsor (2011, 2013-2014)

Chelsea Henige, Chenango Valley (2012, 2014-2015)

Katelyn Warren, Edison (2012-2014)

Brianna Baker, Oneonta (2013-2015)

Kylie Papagelos, Deposit (2013-2015)

Mara Kohlbach, Windsor (2014-2016)

Mckenzie Slaven, Edison (2014-2016)

Samantha Wood, Tioga (2014-2016)

Kaily LaForce, Binghamton (2015-2017)

Alea Tiffany, Deposit (2015-2017)

Hannah Haskell, Susquehanna Valley (2016-2018)

Kyra Martin, Deposit (2016-2018)

Izzy Milazzo, Elmira Notre Dame (2016-2018)

Natalie Novak, Johnson City (2016-2018)

Megan Palmatier, Bainbridge-Guilford (2016-2018)

Alli Richmond, Horseheads (2016-2018)

Laycee Drake, Hancock (2017-2019)

Alexis Wood, Elmira (2017-2019)


Beth Gillin, Chenango Forks (1990-1991)

Tricia Matison, Horseheads (1990-1991)

Denise Yasharian, Harpursville (1990-1991)

Chrissy Axtell, Deposit (1991-1992)

Stacie Conklin, Deposit (1991-1992)

Julie Griffin, Margaretville (1991-1992)

Kara Hassinger, Chenango Forks (1991-1992)

Cherie Smith, Elmira Free Academy (1991-1992)

Jill Webster, Horseheads (1991-1992)

Tambi Yu, Chenango Valley (1991-1992)

Kris Antonyak, Chenango Forks (1992-1993)

Casey Bowers, Harpursville (1992-1993)

Danea Ciotoli, Union-Endicott (1992-1993)

Jerica Crane, Lansing (1993-1994)

Mary Ducey, Seton (1992-1993)

Angela Ellis, Lansing (1992-1993)

Bobbie Goga, Chenango Forks (1992-1993)

Renee Thayer, Harpursville (1992-1993)

Nancy Wells, Lansing (1992-1993)

Carrie Ann Bush, Chenango Forks (1993-1994)

Michelle Eggleston, Afton (1993-1994)

Nicole Monroney, Union-Endicott (1993-1994)

Rachel Racibor, Owego (1993-1994)

Danielle Baldwin, Bainbridge-Guilford (1994, 1996)

Toni Darling, Groton (1994-1995)

Cori Drummond, Corning West (1994-1995)

Sunshine Leonard, Chenango Forks (1994-1995)

Jennifer Pratt, Greene (1994-1995)

Kara Spolsky, Seton (1994-1995)

Karen Yenger, Edison (1994-1995)

Meaghan Coleman, Susquehanna Valley (1995-1996)

Danielle Guccia, Johnson City (1995-1996)

Tanya Heath, Chenango Forks (1995-1996)

Danielle Noyes, Afton (1995-1996)

Jamie Pier, Windsor (1995-1996)

Danielle Shaver, Vestal (1995, 1997)

Lea Younker, Vestal (1995-1996)

Sara DeClemente, Corning West (1997-1998)

Kristina Dillon, Binghamton (1997-1998)

Amy Dodd, Susquehanna Valley (1997-1998)

Mona Lee, Seton (1997-1998)

Ann Nute, Afton (1997-1998)

Bernice St. Clair, Seton (1997-1998)

Lisa Henningsen, Susquehanna Valley (1998-1999)

Amanda Kent, Horseheads (1998-1999)

Lara Stone, Windsor (1999-2000)

Kelly D’Angelo, Elmira Southside (2000-2001)

Melanie Potson, Elmira Notre Dame (2000-2001)

Jeanette Rinker, Seton (2000-2001)

Lindsay Smith, Margaretville (2000-2001)

Annie Eckerson, Seton (2001-2002)

Lauren Picciano, Union-Endicott (2001-2002)

Kim Spreng, Elmira Free Academy (2001-2002)

Liz Akshar, Afton (2002-2003)

Laura Belardinelli, Union-Endicott (2002-2003)

Kristen Merrell, Harpursville (2002-2003)

Jessie Page, Afton (2002-2003)

Brittany Schnautz, Elmira Notre Dame (2002-2003)

Martha Senko, Elmira Notre Dame (2002-2003)

Lacey Anderson, Deposit (2003-2004)

Lindsay Knapp, Elmira Notre Dame (2003-2004)

Nicole McDonald, Edison (2003-2004)

Monika Green, Edison (2004-2005)

Katrina Katen, Deposit (2004-2005)

Megan Waldron, Windsor (2004-2005)

Jackie Dean, Horseheads (2005-2006)

Mary Grace, Susquehanna Valley (2005-2006)

Cassie Eckenrode, Union-Endicott (2006-2007)

Liz Rice, Hancock (2006-2007)

Anderson Conte, Seton (2007-2008)

Alicia Garbade, Seton (2007-2008)

Tenley Halaquist, Windsor (2007-2008)

Kolleene Simmons, Corning West (2007-2008)

Lindsey Stout, Vestal (2007-2008)

Abbie Surosky, Horseheads (2007-2008)

Alicia Cacciotti, Horseheads (2008-2009)

Hali Enderby, Horseheads (2008-2009)

Demetra Kermidas, Chenango Valley (2008-2009)

Marissa Miller, Tioga (2008-2009)

Kelsey Mullins, Susquehanna Valley (2008-2009)

Emily Pautz, Elmira Notre Dame (2008-2009)

Emily Reed, Binghamton (2008-2009)

Ashley Winans, Afton (2008-2009)

Jessica Bump, Windsor (2009-2010)

Lesley Harlem, Oneonta (2009-2010)

Meaghan Lewis, Chenango Valley (2009-2010)

Stephanie Parsons, Afton (2009-2010)

Stephanie Sherman, Afton (2009-2010)

Leslie Dempsey, Windsor (2010-2011)

Taylor Hendrickson, Chenango Valley (2010-2011)

Cara Martin, Windsor (2010-2011)

Taylor Briggs, Afton (2011-2012)

Taylor Chaffee, Watkins Glen (2011-2012)

Hannah Freyer, Deposit (2011-2012)

MacKenzie Martin, Deposit (2011-2012)

Samantha Stento, Seton (2011, 2013)

Taylor Stupski, Chenango Valley (2011-2012)

Elizabeth Warren, Edison (2011-2012)

Caitlin Willis, Greene (2011-2012)

Cheylen Andolino, Corning (2012-2013)

Justina Ellis, Deposit (2012-2013)

Morgan Starley, Windsor (2012-2013)

Taylor Chidester, Maine-Endwell (2013-2014)

Shelby Pettersen, Deposit (2013-2014)

Jessica Rutherford, Horseheads (2013-2014)

Brooke Sherburne, Hancock (2013-2014)

Bailey Sherman, Afton (2013, 2015)

Emily Lear, Edison (2014, 2016)

Tanya Hatton, Afton (2014-2015)

Katie Richvalsky, Richfield Springs (2014-2015)

Megan Faulkner, Deposit (2015-2016)

Alli McGovern, Binghamton (2015-2016)

Alison Missavage, Maine-Endwell (2015-2016)

Kassidy Seary, Norwich (2015-2016)

Grace Van Horn, Union Springs (2015, 2017)

Kylie Warner, Chenango Forks (2015-2016)

Katrina Fox, Johnson City (2016-2017)

Alexis Phillips, Chenango Valley (2016-2017)

Meaghan Raleigh, Maine-Endwell (2016-2017)

Alexis Wanchisen, Maine-Endwell (2016-2017)

Erin Ballard, Deposit (2017-2018)

Jodie Burdick, Edison (2017-2018) 

McKenzi Donahue, Windsor (2017-2018)

Emily Hess, Maine-Endwell (2017-2018)

Aubrin Smith, Deposit (2017-2018)

Laura Bennett, Corning (2018-2019)

Tess Cites, Horseheads (2018-2019)

Kendall Cook, Horseheads (2018-2019)

Amanda DeSantis, Maine-Endwell (2018-2019)

Wendi Hammond, Waverly (2018-2019)

Allie L’Amoreaux, Maine-Endwell (2018-2019)

Abby Madigan, Union-Endicott (2018-2019)

Taylor Mischler, Union-Endicott (2018-2019)

Atalyia Rijo, Corning (2018-2019)

Meredith Rose, Maine-Endwell (2018-2019)

Alaina Smith, Deposit (2018-2019)

Bella Willsey, Edison (2018-2019)

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