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Section IV collects 33 all-state selections

Section IV flexed their collective muscle once again with 33 all-state selections!  The big winners were Olivia Lewis of Maine-Endwell, who took home the Class A co-Player of the Year award!  The senior ends her career with three all-state selections. Kaitlyn Macumber of Deposit-Hancock was chosen as Class D Player of the Year, also gathering her third career all-state selection.  Windsor coach Bill Waldron was named the Class B co-Coach of the Year!  This marks his fourth career selection and first since 2013.

Congratulations to all of these fantastic Section IV representatives for making 2023 another historic season!

* Scroll to the bottom to see the number of selections per school, every Section IV Player and Coach of the Year in history, and a list of multiple-time selections.

Section IV Representatives

Class AA

5th Team

C - Sophia Polzella (jr.) - Corning

Class A

Co-Player of the Year - Olivia Lewis, Maine-Endwell


1st Team

P - Olivia Lewis (sr.) - Maine-Endwell

SS - Caitlyn Petteys (jr.) - Vestal

2nd Team

3B - Kymora Wang (sr.) - Vestal

SS - Kaety L'Amoreaux (sr.) - Maine-Endwell

5th Team

OF - Kendall Brady (jr.) - Vestal

6th Team

1B - Jackie Conti (sr.) - Union-Endicott

Class B

1st Team

P - Madeline Trisket (sr.) - Chenango Valley

SS - Anna Finn (jr.) - Windsor

2nd Team

P - Danica Ball (jr.) - Windsor

CF - Kate Hope (sr.) - Chenango Valley

3rd Team

P - Kahlen Cornell (sr.) - Dryden

5th Team

3B/C - Alexis Scott (jr.) - Chenango Forks

SS - Sarah Nickerson (sr.) - Chenango Forks

SS - Kylee Richardson (fresh.) - Susquehanna Valley

Class C

1st Team

C - Lawson Bigelow (sr.) - Elmira Notre Dame

P - Gabby Milazzo (jr.) - Edison

P/SS - Payton Yahner (sr.) - Greene

2nd Team

C - Elisa Allen (sr.) - Groton

3rd Team

P/1B - Kailey Ripley (soph.) - Edison

P - Olivia Switzer (sr.) - Elmira Notre Dame

4th Team

P - Hailee Smith (sr.) - Union Springs

CF - Shannon Maloney (sr.) - Elmira Notre Dame

Class D

Player of the Year - Kaitlyn Macumber, Deposit-Hancock


1st Team

P/1B - Kaitlyn Macumber (sr.) - Deposit-Hancock

P/OF - Addison Makowski (soph.) - Deposit-Hancock

C - Amanda Ray (soph.) - Deposit-Hancock

2nd Team

3B - Ellie Brozon (sr.) - Southern Cayuga

P - Hannah Wist (soph.) - Morris/Edmeston

3B - Sarah Gross (soph.) - Deposit-Hancock

3rd Team

SS - Natalie Amadon (soph.) - Charlotte Valley

SS - Pagen Macumber (fresh.) - Deposit-Hancock

4th Team

P - Ava Harvatine (fresh.) - Southern Cayuga

P - Brooke Mann (soph.) - Laurens/Milford

Past Section IV All-State Members:


AA: 1st - Atalyia Rijo (Corning); 2nd - Ellie DeRosa (Corning); 3rd - Eva Koratsis (Horseheads); 4th - Kellie Zoerb (Corning); 5th - Kelsey Booker (Corning); 6th - Molly Wolf (Horseheads)

A: 1st - Kendall Brady (Vestal); 2nd - Caitlyn Petteys (Vestal), Olivia Lewis (Maine-Endwell); 3rd - Kymora Wang (Vestal); 4th - Kaety L'Amoreaux (Maine-Endwell); 5th - Elena Pasquale (Union-Endicott)

B: 1st - Kate Hope (Chenango Valley); 2nd - Makenna DeMoney (Susquehanna Valley), Lauren Gilbert (Owego), Sarah Nickerson (Chenango Forks); 3rd - Kylee Richardson (Susquehanna Valley); 4th - Madeline Trisket (Chenango Valley), Peyton Swartwout (Windsor)

C: POY - Olivia Kennedy (Greene); 1st - Kennedy; 2nd - Olivia Switzer (Elmira Notre Dame), Ava Cirigliano (Sidney); 3rd - Ashley Bell (Lansing), Payton Yahner (Greene); 4th - Ellie Brozon (Southern Cayuga), Lawson Bigelow (Elmira Notre Dame), McKenzie Scott (Greene); 5th - Ava Mustico (Elmira Notre Dame)

D: 1st - Kaitlyn Macumber (Deposit-Hancock), Riley Martin (Deposit-Hancock), Rylee Smith (Deposit-Hancock), Leeanna West (Milford); 2nd - Kara Dumas (Gilboa), Hannah Wist (Morris/Edmeston); 3rd - Bryanna Meehan (Roxbury); 4th - Zoe Gifford (Deposit-Hancock)



AA: 1st - Atalyia Rijo (Corning); 3rd - Ellie DeRosa (Corning); 4th - Molly Wolf (Horseheads); 5th - Eva Koratsis (Horseheads), Sarah Coon (Elmira); 6th - Kellie Zoerb (Corning)

A: 1st - Melissa Demo (Maine-Endwell), Helena Layton (Maine-Endwell); 2nd - Amanda DeSantis (Maine-Endwell); 3rd - Olivia Lewis (Maine-Endwell); 4th - Grace Talbut (Vestal); 5th - McKenna Williams (Union-Endicott); 7th - Emma Madigan (Union-Endicott), Maddie Donlin (Vestal)

B: 2nd - Brianna Ramstine (Chenango Forks); 3rd - Haley Kohlbach (Windsor); 4th - Grace Cadden (Chenango Forks), Makenna DeMoney (Susquehanna Valley); 5th - Hannah Aton (Susquehanna Valley); 6th - Peyton Swartwout (Windsor)

C: POY - Olivia Kennedy (Greene); 1st - Kennedy, Laycee Drake (Deposit-Hancock), Lawson Bigelow (Elmira Notre Dame), Kayla Eldred (Deposit-Hancock), Ava Mustico (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd - Danielle Seymour (Deposit-Hancock), Olivia Switzer (Elmira Notre Dame), 3rd - Rylee Smith (Deposit-Hancock), 4th - Kaitlyn Macumber (Deposit-Hancock), Kiara Lovejoy (Lansing); 5th - McKenzie Scott (Greene)

D: 1st - Hannah Osborne (Schenevus); 2nd - Bryanna Meehan (Roxbury), Cassie Snyder (Schenevus), Hannah Wist (Morris); 3rd - Sam Osborne (Schenevus), Brooke Tillotson (Marathon), Delimar Vega-Haley (Worcester); 4th - Lacey German (Roxbury), Lily Conroe (Worcester)


No selections due to COVID-19


AA: POY - Laura Bennett (Corning); 1st - Bennett, Ataylia Rijo (Corning); 3rd - Kendall Cook (Horseheads), Tess Cites (Horseheads); 4th - Sarah Coon (Elmira), Alexis Wood (Elmira); 5th - Ellie Daugherty (Corning), Maiah Skakel (Horseheads); 6th - Kalea Faulk (Corning)

A: 1st - Taylor Mischler (Union-Endicott), Allie L'Amoreaux (Maine-Endwell); 2nd - Melissa Demo (Maine-Endwell), Amanda DeSantis (Maine-Endwell); 4th - Maddie Donlin (Vestal); 5th - Abby Madigan (Union-Endicott); 7th - Meredith Rose (Maine-Endwell)

B: 1st - Wendi Hammond (Waverly), Alexandra Deeter (Susquehanna Valley); 2nd - Ava Spottek (Susquehanna Valley); 3rd - Grace Cadden (Chenango Forks); 4th - Riley Hall (Waverly), Alyssa Lazotte (Susquehanna Valley); 5th - Madyson Biermann (Windsor)

C: POY - Bella Willsey (Edison); 1st - Willsey, Riley Vincent (Edison); 2nd - Tiyah Moffe (Elmira Notre Dame), Reagan Seelye (Edison); 3rd - K.K. Bush (Edison); 4th - Mackenzie Robertson (Harpursville), Grace Vondracek (Odessa-Montour), Telona White (Union Springs); 5th - McKenna Sergi (Greene), Jennah Kareem (Candor), Alexus Roys (Harpursville), Olivia Kennedy (Greene)

D: POY - Makenzie Stiles (Deposit); 1st - Stiles, Bryn Martin (Deposit), Mikayla Martin (Deposit), Riley Martin (Deposit); 2nd - Danielle Seymour (Deposit), Laycee Drake (Hancock), Kaitlyn Mitchell (Marathon); 3rd - Hayleigh Weyrauch (Hancock), Brenna Mitchell (Marathon); 4th - Alaina Smith (Deposit)



AA: 1st - Kendall Cook (Horseheads); 2nd - Alexis Wood (Elmira); 3rd - Tess Cites (Horseheads); 4th - Alli Richmond (Horseheads); 5th - Laura Bennett (Corning); 6th - Atalyia Rijo (Corning); 7th - Bella Reese (Elmira)

A: POY - Emily Hess (Maine-Endwell); 1st - Hess, Taylor Mischler (Union-Endicott); 2nd - Amanda DeSantis (Maine-Endwell), Meredith Rose (Maine-Endwell); 3rd - Abby Madigan (Union-Endicott); 4th - Abby Mancini (Union-Endicott), Natalie Novak (Johnson City); 5th - Allie L'Amoreaux (Maine-Endwell)

B: 1st - Sophia Pappas (Susquehanna Valley), Wendi Hammond (Waverly); 2nd - Allison Smith (Windsor), Hannah Haskell (Susquehanna Valley); 3rd - Avery Copeland (Chenango Forks), Zoe Mennig (Waverly); 4th - McKenzi Donahue (Windsor); 5th - Jordan Jones (Chenango Forks)

C: 1st - Izzy Milazzo (Elmira Notre Dame), Bella Willsey (Edison); 2nd - Megan Palmatier (Bainbridge-Guilford), Haley Maggs (Edison); 3rd - Jodie Burdick (Edison); 4th - Mariah Culver (Tioga), Bailey Mudge (Union Springs)

D: POY - Makenzie Stiles (Deposit); 1st - Stiles, Kyra Martin (Deposit), Bryn Martin (Deposit), Erin Ballard (Deposit); 2nd - Aubrin Smith (Deposit), Mikayla Martin (Deposit); 3rd - Laycee Drake (Hancock); 4th - Alaina Smith (Deposit), Madison Baciuska (Afton), Makaela Mills (Afton); 5th - Tracy Hatton (Afton), Kaci Marino (Hancock), Haleigh Weyrauch (Hancock)


AA: POY - Paige Rauch (Binghamton); 1st - Rauch; 2nd - Jenna Richmond (Horseheads); 3rd - Kaily LaForce (Binghamton), Kayla Gassner (Binghamton); 4th - Lacey O'Donnell (Horseheads), 6th - Alexis Wood (Elmira); 7th - Alli Richmond (Horseheads)

A: POY - Emily Hess (Maine-Endwell); 1st - Hess, Alexis Wanchisen (Maine-Endwell), Mikayla Garbarino (Maine-Endwell); 2nd - Natalie Novak (Johnson City), Meaghan Raleigh (Maine-Endwell); 3rd - Alexis Stetts (Johnson City); 4th - Katrina Fox (Johnson City); 5th - Ashley Hodges (Union-Endicott)

B: 1st - Sophia Pappas (Susquehanna Valley), Hannah Haskell (Susquehanna Valley); 2nd - Alexis Phillips (Chenango Valley); 3rd - Alexis Burge (Chenango Forks), Sophie Keehle (Susquehanna Valley); 4th - McKenzi Donahue (Windsor); 5th - Shailei Kraft (Waverly), Amber Cina (Windsor)

C: 1st - Izzy Milazzo (Elmira Notre Dame), Mackenzie Maloney (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd - Grace Van Horn (Union Springs), Laura Tryon (Edison); 3rd - Megan Palmatier (Bainbridge-Guilford), Maura Glovins (Elmira Notre Dame), Mackenzie Mahajan (Elmira Notre Dame); 4th - Jodie Burdick (Edison)

D: POY - Makenzie Stiles (Deposit); 1st - Stiles, Kyra Martin (Deposit), Catherine Johnson (Edmeston), Sarah Lawrence (Edmeston); 2nd - Bryn Martin (Deposit), Alea Tiffany (Deposit), Aubrin Smith (Deposit); 3rd - Mikayla Martin (Deposit), Erin Ballard (Deposit), Laycee Drake (Hancock); 4th - Rachel Greene (Edmeston), Abby Beaulieu (Afton); 5th - Cali Stevens (Afton)


AA: POY - Paige Rauch (Binghamton); 1st - Rauch, Alli McGovern (Binghamton); 2nd - Elena Shelepack (Binghamton); 3rd - Mariah Graham (Elmira); 4th - Alli Richmond (Horseheads); 5th - Allisa Rice (Horseheads); 6th - Makayla Pourby (Binghamton), Jill Murray (Horseheads); 7th - Kaily LaForce (Binghamton)

A: 1st - Alison Missavage (Maine-Endwell), Meaghan Raleigh (Maine-Endwell); 2nd - Izabel Pasquale (Union-Endicott), Katrina Fox (Johnson City); 3rd - Cassidy Barrett (Vestal); 4th - Daniella Dean (Maine-Endwell); 5th - Natalie Novak (Johnson City); 6th - Alex Hein (Johnson City), Alexis Wanchisen (Maine-Endwell)

B: 1st - Alexis Phillips (Chenango Valley), Sophia Pappas (Susquehanna Valley), Mara Kohlbach (Windsor); 2nd - Kylie Warner (Chenango Forks), Kassidy Seary (Norwich); 3rd - Allison Lockwood (Windsor), Hannah Eddy (Norwich); 5th - Danielle Cary (Windsor), Hannah Haskell (Susquehanna Valley); 6th - Katie Church (Chenango Forks), Liz Wickheiser (Windsor)

C: POY - Alivia Clark (Elmira Notre Dame); 1st - Clark, Mckenzie Slaven (Edison), Izzy Milazzo (Elmira Notre Dame), Mackenzie Maloney (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd - Samantha Wood (Tioga), Connor Decker (Sidney); 3rd - Courtney Crater (Elmira Notre Dame), Emily Lear (Edison), Megan Palmatier (Bainbridge-Guilford); 4th - Jolene Krom (Sidney)

D: Co-POY - Megan Faulkner (Deposit) and Makenzie Stiles (Deposit); 1st - Faulkner, Stiles, Kyra Martin (Deposit), Sarah Lawrence (Edmeston); 2nd - Amanda Greenwood (Afton), Bryn Martin (Deposit), Alea Tiffany (Deposit), Catherine Johnson (Edmeston), Sydney Smith (Edmeston); 3rd - Paige Polizzi (Afton), Jade Meehan (Roxbury); 4th - Devin Fox (Roxbury), Jenna Lutz (Charlotte Valley), Mikayla Martin (Deposit)


AA: 4th - Alli McGovern (Binghamton); 5th - Abby Topping (Elmira); 6th - Hailey Williamson (Horseheads); 7th - Kaily LaForce (Binghamton)

A: 2nd - Adrianna Harvey (Union-Endicott); 4th - Alison Missavage (Maine-Endwell); 5th - Karissa Kohlman (Vestal)

B: POY - Chelsea Henige (Chenango Valley); 1st - Henige, Sophia Pappas (Susquehanna Valley); 2nd - Paige Rauch (Windsor), Mara Kohlbach (Windsor); 3rd - Kylie Warner (Chenango Forks), Mckenzie Slaven (Edison); 4th - Shannon Moore (Norwich), Kassidy Seary (Norwich); 5th - Dani Forbidussi (Chenango Valley), Kiana Manuel (Waverly), Allison Lockwood (Windsor), 7th - Brianna Baker (Oneonta)

C: 1st - Alivia Clark (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd - Mackenzie Maloney (Elmira Notre Dame), Samantha Wood (Tioga), Connor Decker (Sidney); 3rd - Dani Barton (Tioga); 4th - Brooke Harvey (Elmira Notre Dame), Grace Van Horn (Union Springs); 5th - Laura Durdon (Greene)

D: POY - MaKenzie Stiles (Deposit); 1st - Stiles, Tanya Hatton (Afton), Cassidy Phillips (Afton), Megan Faulkner (Deposit), Kylie Papagelos (Deposit); 2nd - Bailey Sherman (Afton), Kate Tiffany (Deposit); 3rd - Catherine Johnson (Edmeston), Katie Richvalsky (Richfield Springs), Sarah Lawrence (Edmeston), Alea Tiffany (Deposit).


AA: 3rd - Katie Snyder (Elmira); 4th - Jessica Rutherford (Horseheads); 5th - Alexis Eastman (Union-Endicott)

A: 1st - Taylor Chidester (Maine-Endwell); 2nd - Kim Jones (Maine-Endwell); 4th - Hailey Blencowe (Corning); 5th - Megan Lewis (Corning)

B: 1st - Emma Benson (Windsor), Chelsea Henige (Chenango Valley), Paige Rauch (Windsor), Brianna Baker (Oneonta); 2nd - Mara Kohlbach (Windsor), Allison Lockwood (Windsor); 3rd - Sam Mennig (Waverly)

C: POY - Katelyn Warren (Edison); 1st - Warren, Mckenzie Slaven (Edison), Alivia Clark (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd - Zoe Derr (Edison), Connor Decker (Sidney); 3rd - Samantha Wood (Tioga); 4th - Jamison Valentino (Union Springs), Mackenzie Maloney (Elmira Notre Dame), Emily Lear (Edison); 5th - Dannielle Callear (Edison)

D: 1st - Kylie Papagelos (Deposit), Payton Cutting (Afton), Cassidy Phillips (Afton), Shelby Pettersen (Deposit); 2nd - Kassi Cook (Deposit); 3rd - Brooke Sherburne (Hancock), Katie Richvalsky (Richfield Springs), Catherine Johnson (Edmeston), Sarah Lawrence (Edmeston), Tanya Hatton (Afton).



AA: 2nd - Chaylen Andolino (Corning); 4th - Jessica Rutherford (Horseheads); 5th - Catherine Cites (Horseheads); 6th - Skyler Hoyt (Union-Endicott); 7th - Rachel Mouillessaux (Union-Endicott)

A: 3rd - Taylor Chidester (Maine-Endwell); 5th - Sarah Kelly (Vestal), Kristen Hickling (Vestal)

B: 1st - Michaela Transue (Chenango Forks), Emma Benson (Windsor), Brianna Baker (Oneonta), Morgan Starley (Windsor); 2nd - Bree Stinson (Chenango Valley), Ashley Kamp (Windsor); 3rd - Paige Rauch (Windsor); 4th - Shelby Cleaveland (Oneonta); 5th - Sabrina Bowman (Waverly), Allison Lockwood (Windsor)

C: POY - Olivia May (Elmira Notre Dame); 1st - May, Samantha Stento (Seton); Lauren Castellucci (Seton), Katelyn Warren (Edison); 3rd - Chelsea Storch (Edison); 4th - Alivia Clark (Elmira Notre Dame)

D: 1st - Cassidy Phillips (Afton), Payton Cutting (Afton), Justina Ellis (Deposit); 2nd - Bailey Sherman (Afton), Connor Decker (Afton), Ashley Rogalski (Afton); 3rd - Shelby Pettersen (Deposit), Kylie Papagelos (Deposit); 4th - Catherine Johnson (Edmeston), Brooke Sherburne (Hancock)


AA: 1st - Quincy Lewis (Corning); 3rd - Chaylen Andolino (Corning); 4th - Alexa Archambeault (Horseheads); 6th - Griffin McGiver (Union-Endicott); 7th - Brooke Owen (Horseheads)

A: 4th - Sidney Bendert (Maine-Endwell)

B: 1st - Michaela Transue (Chenango Forks), Kelly Costello (Windsor); 2nd - Morgan Starley (Windsor), Lindsey Haskell (Susquehanna Valley), Chelsea Henige (Chenango Valley), Taylor Stupski (Chenango Valley); 3rd - Shelly Tucker (Windsor); 4th - Seneca Baldwin (Oneonta)

C: 1st - Olivia May (Elmira Notre Dame), Rebecca Hanrahan (Greene), Sydney Dimon (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd - Taylor Ellis (Greene), Caitlin Willis (Greene), Elizabeth Warren (Edison), Taylor Chaffee (Watkins Glen); 3rd - Katelyn Warren (Edison);

D: 1st - MacKenzie Martin (Deposit), 2nd - Taylor Briggs (Afton), Payton Cutting (Afton), Hannah Freyer (Deposit), Justina Ellis (Deposit); 3rd - Cassidy Phillips (Afton); 4th - Jordan Beers (Franklin), Lindsay McGraw (Hancock)


AA: 2nd - Elyssa LaBaron (Corning); 4th - Amanda DeAngelo (Vestal); 5th - Quincy Lewis (Corning)

A: 2nd - Mollie Peck (Elmira Free Academy); 3rd - Cara Cawley (Maine-Endwell); 4th - Brittany Rando (Owego)

B: Co-POY - Cara Martin (Windsor) and Leslie Dempsey (Windsor); 1st - Martin, Dempsey, Kelly Costello (Windsor), Michaela Transue (Chenango Forks); 2nd - Taylor Hendrickson (Chenango Valley), Lindsey Haskell (Susquehanna Valley), Taylor Stupski (Chenango Valley), 3rd - Taylor Chaffee (Watkins Glen); 4th - Emma Benson (Windsor), Karli Theleman (Whitney Point), Brianna Haines (Oneonta), 5th - Hayley Dower (Oneonta)

C: POY - Olivia May (Elmira Notre Dame); 1st - May, Rebecca Hanrahan (Greene), Sydney Dimon (Elmira Notre Dame), Sarah Wayson (Tioga); 2nd - Kara McDuffee (Tioga), Caitlin Willis (Greene), Taylor Drake (Elmira Notre Dame); Marianna Thomaris (Elmira Notre Dame); 4th - Samantha Stento (Seton), Elizabeth Warren (Edison); 5th - Hannah Mackey (Moravia)

D: 1st - Taylor Briggs (Afton), MacKenzie Martin (Deposit), 2nd - Payton Cutting (Afton), Briar Roseboom (Milford); 3rd - Hannah Freyer (Deposit); 4th - Harley Jennings (Afton), Jessie Terrano (Franklin)


AA: 5th - Shannon Good (Horseheads); 6th - Ashley Lomonaco (Binghamton)

A: 1st - Emilie Rogers (Elmira Free Academy); 2nd - Kaitlyn Harris (Maine-Endwell); 4th - Stacey Fox (Johnson City); 5th - Mandy Fox (Elmira Free Academy)

B: POY - Mikala King (Chenango Valley); 1st - King, Jessica Bump (Windsor), Taylor Hendrickson (Chenango Valley), Leslie Dempsey (Windsor); 2nd - Meaghan Lewis (Chenango Valley), Cara Martin (Windsor), Lauren Eggleston (Chenango Valley); 3rd - Kelly Costello (Windsor), Michaela Transue (Chenango Forks); 4th - Erin Wolstenholme (Oneonta), Abby Godbout (Susquehanna Valley); 5th - Katie Huston (Chenango Valley), Lesley Harlem (Oneonta)

C: 1st - Rebecca Hanrahan (Greene), Olivia May (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd - Erin Jones (Seton), Sarah Wayson (Tioga); 3rd - Sydney Dimon (Elmira Notre Dame), Maria Turrigiano (Seton); 4th - Brittany Youngs (Greene), Hayley Hoffman (Tioga); 5th - Sam Darpino (Newark Valley), Danielle Gravel (Sidney)

D: POY - Jessie Winans (Afton); 1st - Winans, Stephanie Sherman (Afton), Stephanie Parsons (Afton); 2nd - Melissa Martin (Deposit), Susanna Johnson (Edmeston); 3rd - Jessica Bentley (Schenevus)


AA: 1st - Hali Enderby (Horseheads); 3rd - Alicia Cacciotti (Horseheads); 5th - Bertie Lake (Union-Endicott); 6th - Amy Van Houton (Vestal), Emily Reed (Binghamton)

A: 1st - Nicole Osovski (Maine-Endwell); 3rd - Sarah Rosenbarker (Maine-Endwell); 4th - Kaitlyn Harris (Maine-Endwell); 5th - Quincy Lewis (Corning West), Chelsey West (Johnson City), Holly Frampton (Corning West)

B: 1st - Dani Koltz (Chenango Valley), Demetra Kermidas (Chenango Valley); 2nd - Rebecca Griswold (Windsor), Kelsey Mullins (Susquehanna Valley); 3rd - Meaghan Lewis (Chenango Valley), Lindsey Haskell (Susquehanna Valley); 4th - Jessica Bump (Windsor); 5th - Lesley Harlem (Oneonta)

C: 1st - Sarah Wayson (Tioga), Emily Pautz (Elmira Notre Dame), Karli Walkley (Tioga); 2nd - Rebecca Hanrahan (Greene); 3rd - Sydney Dimon (Elmira Notre Dame); 4th - Marissa Miller (Tioga)

D: POY - Jessie Winans (Afton); 1st - Winans, Ashley Winans (Afton), Jennifer Boudreau (Afton); 2nd - Stephanie Parsons (Afton), Daisha Kane (Hancock); 3rd - Krista Baxter (Downsville), Stephanie Sherman (Afton)


AA: 1st - Hali Enderby (Horseheads); 2nd - Lindsey Stout (Vestal); 3rd - Abbie Surosky (Horseheads); 4th - Rachel Jones (Union-Endicott); 5th -  Alicia Cacciotti (Horseheads), 6th - Emily Reed (Binghamton)

A: 1st - Nicole Osovski (Maine-Endwell); 2nd - Morgan Edmondson (Johnson City); 3rd - Kaitlyn Harris (Maine-Endwell); 4th - Kolleene Simmons (Corning West)

B: POY - Kristin Waldorn (Windsor); 1st - Waldron, Megan Tucker (Windsor), Dani Koltz (Chenango Valley), Sierra Sheehan (Chenango Valley); 2nd - Tenley Halaquist (Windsor), Demetra Kermidas (Chenango Valley); 3rd - Megan Godbout (Susquehanna Valley); 4th - Kelsey Mullins (Susquehanna Valley)

C: 1st - Emily Pautz (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd - Taryn Lindquist (Elmira Notre Dame), Anderson Conte (Seton); 3rd - Sarah Wayson (Tioga); 4th - Marissa Miller (Tioga), Alicia Garbade (Seton)

D: POY - Jessie Winans (Afton); 1st - Winans, Morgan Muller (Afton); 2nd - Ashley Winans (Afton); 3rd - Amber Lynn (Afton), Holli Oberacker (Schenevus)



AA: 1st - Kara Morenus (Horseheads); 2nd - Cassie Eckenrode (Union-Endicott); 3rd - Lyndsay Hampton (Binghamton); 4th - Lindsey Stout (Vestal); 5th - Danielle Singer (Binghamton), Caitlin Carner (Binghamton), Abbie Surosky (Horseheads)

A: 2nd - Nicole Osovski (Maine-Endwell), 5th - Kolleene Simmons (Corning West), Amanda Poppleton (Corning West)

B: POY - Beckah Wiggins (Susquehanna Valley); 1st - Wiggans, Dani Koltz (Chenango Valley), Anne Marie Pagano (Whitney Point), Sierra Sheehan (Chenango Valley), Meghan Shager (Susquehanna Valley), Kristin Waldron (Windsor); 2nd - Kelly Schuldt (Whitney Point), Tenley Halaquist (Windsor), Donnalyn Cross (Chenango Valley); 3rd - Kara Gorgos (Susquehanna Valley); 4th - Dani Pendlebury (Susquehanna Valley)

C: 1st - Stephanie Geer (Seton); 2nd - Anderson Conte (Seton), Brittany Schrock (Edison); 4th - Alicia Garbade (Seton), Morgan Engelbert (Edison)

D: 1st - Jessie Winans (Afton), Morgan Muller (Afton), Liz Rice (Hancock); 2nd - Marie Loher (Afton)


AA: 1st - Jackie Dean (Horseheads); 2nd - Kara Morenus (Horseheads); 3rd - Cassie Eckenrode (Union-Endicott); 4th - Briana Andrews (Union-Endicott); 6th - Sammi Dieffenbach (Horseheads)

A: 1st - Nicole Osovski (Maine-Endwell); 2nd - Rachel Pirozzolo (Elmira Free Academy); 5th - Courtney Freeman (Corning West)

B: POY - Beckah Wiggins (Susquehanna Valley); 1st - Wiggins, Brittni Frantellizzi (Susquehanna Valley), Meghan Shager (Susquehanna Valley); 2nd - Kristin Waldron (Windsor), Jessica Koltz (Chenango Valley); 3rd - Kirsten Costello (Windsor), Mary Grace (Susquehanna Valley), Dani Koltz (Chenango Valley); 4th - Sierra Sheehan (Chenango Forks), Anne Marie Pagano (Whitney Point); 5th - Jillian Kreitzer (Elmira Notre Dame)

C: 2nd - Stephanie Geer (Seton), Kaitlyn Hamilton (Harpursville); 3rd - Megan Beschler (Edison)

D: 1st - Jessie Winans (Afton), Morgan Muller (Afton); 2nd - Brittany Sines (Afton), Liz Rice (Hancock)


AA: 1st – Meghan Doherty (Binghamton); 2nd – Kara Morenus (Horseheads); 5th – Jackie Dean (Horseheads)

A: POY – Beckah Wiggins (Susquehanna Valley); 1st – Wiggins, Meghan Shager (Susquehanna Valley), Brittni Frantellizzi (Susquehanna Valley); 3rd – Nicole Osovski (Maine-Endwell), Mary Grace (Susquehanna Valley); 4th – Shannon Pease (Susquehanna Valley), Rachel Pirozzolo (Elmira Free Academy); 5th – Stephanie Senko (Elmira Free Academy)

B: 1st – Kristin Waldron (Windsor), Megan Waldron (Windsor); 2nd – Kirsten Costello (Windsor); 3rd – Dani Koltz (Chenango Valley); 4th – Anne Marie Pagano (Whitney Point)

C: 1st – Monika Green (Edison); 2nd – Liz Hauke (Seton), Jillian Kreitzer (Elmira Notre Dame), Stephanie Geer (Seton)

D: 1st – Lindsay Page (Afton); 2nd – Jessie Winans (Afton), Katrina Katen (Deposit)



AA: 1st – Michelle Forsburg (Vestal); 4th – Amanda Rosplock (Union-Endicott), Maura Brady (Binghamton); 5th – Carrie Flasphaler (Horseheads)

A: POY – Rachael Wiggins (Susquehanna Valley); 1st – Wiggins, Brittni Frantellizzi (Susquehanna Valley); 2nd – Meghan Shager (Susquehanna Valley); 3rd – Stephanie Senko (Elmira Free Academy), Shannon Pease (Susquehanna Valley); 4th – Danielle Miller (Owego); 5th – Rachel Pirozzolo (Elmira Free Academy)

B: POY – Ashley Buchanan (Windsor); 1st – Buchanan; 2nd – Kristin Waldron (Windsor), Kirsten Costello (Windsor), Jessica McPherson (Owego); 3rd – Gina Juriga (Chenango Forks), Megan Waldron (Windsor)

C: 1st – Natalie Frost (Elmira Notre Dame), Lindsay Knapp (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd – Monika Green (Edison), 3rd – Nicole McDonald (Edison), Jillian Kreitzer (Elmira Notre Dame), Stephanie Geer (Seton)

D: 1st – Renee Kemmerer (Afton), Lindsay Page (Afton), Lacey Andersen (Deposit); 2nd – Heather Sines (Afton), Katrina Katen (Deposit)



A: POY – Sara Surosky (Horseheads); 1st – Surosky; 2nd – Michelle Forsburg (Vestal), Laura Belardinelli (Union-Endicott); 4th – Emily Hoffman (Vestal), Katie Bertoni (Union-Endicott), Ashley Crozier (Horseheads)

B: Co-POY – Mary Ellen Russell (Owego) and Rachael Wiggins (Susquehanna Valley); 1st – Russell, Wiggins, Martha Senko (Elmira Free Academy); 2nd – Danielle Spalik (Johnson City), Megan Peters (Chenango Valley); 3rd – Shannon Pease (Susquehanna Valley); 4th – Brittni Frantellizzi (Susquehanna Valley), Stephanie Senko (Elmira Free Academy), Megan Phillips (Windsor)

C: 1st – Natalie Frost (Elmira Notre Dame), Kristen Merrell (Harpursville); 2nd – Lisa Meck (Elmira Notre Dame), Nicole McDonald (Edison); 3rd – Lindsay Knapp (Elmira Notre Dame); 4th – Katie Fox (Seton), Brittany Schnautz (Elmira Notre Dame)

D: 1st- Renee Kemmerer (Afton), Lindsay Page (Afton), Liz Akshar (Afton); 2nd – Lacey Andersen (Deposit), Jessie Page (Afton)



A: 1st – Sara Surosky (Horseheads), Lauren Picciano (Union-Endicott), 2nd – Jen Winters (Vestal); 3rd – Laura Belardinelli (Union-Endicott), Michelle Forsburg (Vestal); 4th – Katrina Dunning (Horseheads)

B: 1st – Rachael Wiggins (Susquehanna Valley), Megan Oliver (Maine-Endwell), Mary Ellen Russell (Owego); 2nd – Dani Maye (Windsor); 3rd – Martha Senko (Elmira Notre Dame), Katie Forsythe (Chenango Valley), Theresa Walsh (Susquehanna Valley); 5th – Kim Spreng (Elmira Free Academy), Theresa Gugger (Susquehanna Valley)

C: 1st – Annie Eckerson (Seton), Natalie Frost (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd – Lisa Meck (Elmira Notre Dame); 3rd – Brittany Schnautz (Elmira Notre Dame), Kristen Merrell (Harpursville), Katie Fox (Johnson City)

D: POY – Kris Kelly (Afton); 1st – Kelly, Renee Kemmerer (Afton), Ashley Sherman (Afton), Brigette Hanson (Afton); 2nd – Lindsay Page (Afton), Jenna Bernhan (Margaretville), Jessie Page (Afton); 3rd – Kym Wood (Hancock), Liz Akshar (Afton)



A: 1st – Nikki Matisi (Union-Endicott), Kelly D’Angelo (Elmira Southside); 2nd – Sara Surosky (Horseheads); 4th – Lauren Picciano (Union-Endicott); 5th – Kim Spreng (Elmira Free Academy); 6th – Katrina Dunning (Horseheads)

B: POY – Emily Ling (Chenango Valley); 1st – Ling; 2nd – Rachael Wiggins (Susquehanna Valley), Mary Ellen Russell (Owego), Katie Forsythe (Chenango Valley); 3rd – Kim Huson (Johnson City), Theresa Walsh (Susquehanna Valley); 4th – Stephanie Barton (Windsor), Megan Oliver (Maine-Endwell)

C: POY – Megan Evans (Elmira Notre Dame); 1st – Evans, Melanie Potson (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd – Jeanette Rinker (Seton), Annie Eckerson (Seton); 3rd – Natalie Frost (Elmira Notre Dame), Lisa Meck (Elmira Notre Dame); 4th – Regina Taylor (Harpursville); 5th – Tara McDevitt (Seton)

D: POY – Kris Kelly (Afton); 1st – Kelly, Kristin Winnie (Afton), Christina Kirkaldy (Afton), Ashley Sherman (Afton); 2nd – Jean Alpin (Windham-Ashland-Jewett), Lindsay Smith (Margaretville); 3rd – Renee Kemmerer (Afton), Brigitte Hansen (Afton)



A: POY – Ann Magur (Union-Endicott); 1st – Magur; 2nd – Sara Surosky (Horseheads), Nikki Matisi (Union-Endicott), Kris Willerton (Binghamton); 3rd – Jen Winters (Vestal), Kate Gentile (Union-Endicott); 4th – Katrina Dunning (Horseheads); 5th – Kelly D’Angleo (Elmira Southside)

B: 1st – Emily Ling (Chenango Valley), Lara Stone (Windsor); 2nd – Liz Lyon (Windsor), Jessica Morey (Owego); 3rd – Rachael Wiggins (Susquehanna Valley); 5th – Theresa Walsh (Susquehanna Valley), Megan Oliver (Maine-Endwell); 6th – Patti Zwick (Owego), Katie Forsythe (Chenango Valley)

C: POY – Megan Evans (Elmira Notre Dame); 1st – Evans, Melanie Potson (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd – Ann Valeant (Elmira Notre Dame); 3rd – Jeanette Rinker (Seton), Billie Boles (Lansing); 5th – Liz Eaton (Sidney)

D: 1st – Tamara Snyder (Roxbury), Katrina Kellerhouse (Roxbury), Ashley Sherman (Afton); 2nd – Kris Kelly (Afton), Lindsay Smith (Margaretville)



A: 1st – Amanda Kent (Horseheads), Ann Magur (Union-Endicott), Nikki Matisi (Union-Endicott); 2nd – Heather Mercer (Horseheads), Shannon Smith (Horseheads); 3rd – Leanna Smith (Horseheads); 6th – Leah Ritch (Vestal), Jen Winters (Vestal)

B: POY – Barb Cook (Susquehanna Valley); 1st – Cook, Rachel Chandler (Waverly), Lindsay Connor (Chenango Forks); 2nd – Lara Stone (Windsor); 3rd – Lisa Henningsen (Susquehanna Valley), Emily Ling (Chenango Valley), Erin Micha (Johnson City); 5th – Laurel Koster (Maine-Endwell)

C: 1st – Megan Evans (Elmira Notre Dame); 2nd – Billie Boles (Lansing), Tami Swearingen (Lansing); 4th – Nikki Rowe (Harpursville)

D: 1st – Kris Kelly (Afton), Ashley Sherman (Afton); 2nd – April Cornell (Afton); 3rd – Tamara Snyder (Roxbury)



A: 1st – Alicia Bocek (Binghamton), Ann Magur (Union-Endicott); 3rd – Colleen Shaw (Elmira Notre Dame), Audrey White (Horseheads); 4th – Amanda Kent (Horseheads), Kristina Dillon (Binghamton)

B: POY – Barb Cook (Susquehanna Valley); 1st – Cook, Sara DeClemente (Corning West), Amy Dodd (Susquehanna Valley), Amanda Daniels (Corning West), Char Dodd (Susquehanna Valley); 3rd – Lisa Henningsen (Susquehanna Valley), Deb Hodge (Susquehanna Valley); 4th – Alisa Ducsik (Windsor)

C: 1st – Katie Crandall (Lansing), Billie Boles (Lansing); 2nd – Bernice St. Clair (Seton); 3rd – Tammi Swearingen (Lansing), Mona Lee (Seton)

D: 1st – Andrea Noyes (Afton), Jessica Natale (Deposit), Ann Nute (Afton); 2nd – Tamara Snyder (Roxbury), Ollie Noyes (Afton), Ashley Sherman (Afton)



A: 1st – Alicia Bocek (Binghamton); 2nd – Jodie Flacco (Union-Endicott), Danielle Shaver (Vestal), Jamie Huffcut (Vestal); 3rd – Felicia Malarkey (Union-Endicott); 4th – Ann Magur (Union-Endicott), Emily Senko (Elmira Free Academy); 5th – Kristina Dillon (Binghamton), Adrianne Picciano (Union-Endicott)

B: POY – Barb Cook (Susquehanna Valley); 1st – Cook, Sara DeClemente (Corning West), Shelly Burrell (Owego), Char Dodd (Susquehanna Valley), Sami Fancher (Susquehanna Valley); 2nd – Missy LaBarre (Susquehanna Valley), Amy Dodd (Susquehanna Valley), Kristin Doris (Owego); 3rd – Kelly Ellis (Owego); 4th – Katrina Heath (Owego)

C: 1st – Valorie Bauer (Greene), Bernice St. Clair (Seton); 2nd – Tanya Meck (Elmira Notre Dame), Mona Lee (Seton), Katie Crandall (Lansing); 3rd – Jessica Craver (Watkins Glen)

D: POY – Andrea Noyes (Afton); 1st – Noyes, Ann Nute (Afton), Jodie Neumann (Afton); 2nd – Michelle Castle (Afton), Ollie Noyes (Afton)



A: POY – Christina Kowalski (Horseheads); 1st – Kowalski, Melanie Klaus (Horseheads), Brittany Sharp (Horseheads), Felica Smith (Vestal), Lea Younker (Vestal); 2nd – Alicia Bocek (Binghamton); Leslie Baker (Horseheads); 3rd – Holly Dairymple (Horseheads)

B: 1st – Barb Cook (Susquehanna Valley), Char Dodd (Susquehanna Valley), Shelly Burrell (Owego), Meaghan Coleman (Susquehanna Valley), Kristen Keeler (Elmira Free Academy); 2nd – Danielle Guccia (Johnson City), Jess Newland (Susquehanna Valley); 3rd – Tanya Heath (Chenango Forks)

C: POY – Julie Stashko (Seton); 1st – Stashko, Jamie Pier (Windsor), Regina Speicher (Seton), Danielle Baldwin (Bainbridge-Guilford); 4th – Kathy Speicher (Seton)

D: 1st – Andrea Noyes (Afton), Katie Crandall (Lansing), Michelle Castle (Afton), Liz McGrail (Stamford), Danielle Noyes (Afton); 4th – Ollie Noyes (Afton)



A: 1st – Christina Kowalski (Horseheads), Lea Younker (Vestal); 3rd – Jennifer Crain (Horseheads), Marci Forbidussi (Union-Endicott); 4th – Becky Chase (Union-Endicott); 5th – Kerri Feheley (Binghamton), Danielle Shaver (Vestal)

B: 1st – Shelly Burrell (Owego), Meaghan Coleman (Susquehanna Valley), Tanya Heath (Chenango Forks), Tara McGoff (Chenango Valley); 2nd – Danielle Guccia (Johnson City), Sunshine Leonard (Chenango Forks); 3rd – Leslie Lance (Johnson City); 4th – Barb Cook (Susquehanna Valley), Char Dodd (Susquehanna Valley), Cori Drummond (Corning West)

C: 1st – Joy Judski (Seton), Regina Speicher (Seton), Julie Stashko (Seton); 2nd – Jamie Pier (Windsor), Kara Spolsky (Seton); 3rd – April Meyer (Oxford); 4th – Jennifer Pratt (Greene); 5th – Karen Yenger (Edison)

D: 1st – Toni Darling (Groton), Andrea Noyes (Afton), Ollie Noyes (Afton); 2nd – Cori Anderson (Afton), Michelle Castle (Afton), Danielle Noyes (Afton)



A: 1st – Kelly Buckley (Horseheads), Nicole Monroney (Union-Endicott); 2nd – Jerica Crane (Horseheads), Marci Forbidussi (Union-Endicott), Jen Stilata (Elmira Southside); 3rd – Jen Switzer (Ithaca); 4th – Kristen Shadduck (Binghamton), Christina Kowalski (Horseheads), Anne Chanecka (Binghamton); 5th – Heidi Strope (Elmira Southside)

B: 1st – Jenn Markert (Chenango Forks), Carrie Anne Bush (Chenango Forks), Rachel Racibor (Owego), Shelly Burrell (Owego), Brandi Evans (Maine-Endwell); 2nd – Cori Drummond (Corning West); 3rd – Meghan Coleman (Susquehanna Valley); 4th – Charlene Cook (Johnson City), Sunshine Leonard (Chenango Forks); 5th – Melissa Santacrose (Norwich)

C: POY – Julie Stashko (Seton); 1st – Stashko, Tara McGoff (Chenango Valley), Joy Judski (Seton), Kara Spolsky (Seton); 2nd – Linda Houston (Harpursville); 3rd – Margo McGowan (Oxford), Danielle Baldwin (Bainbridge-Guilford); 4th – Wendy Lee (Windsor), Jennifer Pratt (Greene)

D: 1st – Karen Yenger (Edison), Chris Weigel (Edison); 2nd – Katie Evener (Groton), Evie Van Houton (Spencer-Van Etten); 3rd – Laura Herrick (Lansing), Toni Darling (Groton), Michelle Eggleston (Afton); 4th – Ellen McGrail (Stamford); 5th – Stacy Smith (Waverly)



A: 1st – Christina Kowalski (Horseheads), Kelly Buckley (Horseheads), Marci Forbidussi (Union-Endicott), Danea Ciotoli (Union-Endicott); 2nd – Jerica Crain (Horseheads); 3rd – Karen Burge (Elmira Southside), Kelly Ritch (Vestal); 4th – Lori Lasher (Binghamton), Nicole Monroney (Union-Endicott); 5th – Bridget Baxter (Binghamton)

B: POY – Jenn Markert (Chenango Forks); 1st – Markert, Tara McGoff (Chenango Valley), Bobbie Goga (Chenango Forks), Carrie Anne Bush (Chenango Forks), Stacey Stuart (Johnson City); 3rd – Rachel Racibor (Owego), Kris Antonyak (Chenango Forks), Lauren Campbell (Chenango Valley); 4th – Kelly Keeler (Elmira Free Academy), Charlene Cook (Johnson City)

C: 1st – Julie Stashko (Seton), Liz Wagner (Sidney), Regina Speicher (Seton), Josette Woodyshek (Sidney); 2nd – Theresa Crapero (Seton), Mary Ducey (Seton), Jennifer Hogan (Windsor); 4th – Joy Judski (Seton)

D: 1st – Renee Thayer (Harpursville), Nancy Wells (Lansing); 2nd – Carey Bowers (Harpursville), Crystal Cook (Deposit); 3rd – Angela Ellis (Lansing), Michelle Eggleston (Afton); 5th – Jennifer Jonas (Lansing)



A: 1st – Jill Webster (Horseheads), Bridget Baxter (Binghamton), Kelly Ritch (Vestal); 2nd – Danea Ciotoli (Union-Endicott), Jen Fitzgerald (Union-Endicott); 3rd – Diane Curtin (Union-Endicott); 4th – Heather Surdak (Horseheads), Jodi Webster (Horseheads); 5th – Marci Forbidussi (Union-Endicott), Kelley Sax (Vestal)

B: 1st – Jenn Markert (Chenango Forks), Connie Blaisure (Chenango Valley), Nicky Pavlick (Chenango Forks); 2nd – Charlene Cook (Johnson City), Tara McGoff (Chenango Valley), Tambi Yu (Chenango Valley); 3rd – Dani Lutsic (Johnson City); 4th – Beth Scales (Chenango Forks), Cherie Smith (Elmira Free Academy); 5th – Kara Hassinger (Chenango Forks), Jennifer Ruddy (Johnson City); HM – Kris Antonyak (Chenango Forks), Bobbie Goga (Chenango Forks), DeeDee Huber (Owego)

C: 1st – Bobbie Jo McMail (Elmira Notre Dame), Mary Ducey (Seton); 2nd – Joy Judski (Seton), Liz Wagner (Sidney), Josette Woodyshek (Sidney); 3rd – Amy Pratt (Greene), Amy Winchell (Windsor); 4th – Kristen Diamond (Oxford), Bridget Ford (Seton); 5th – Danielle Doane (Spencer-Van Etten)

D: 1st – Renee Thayer (Harpursville), Carey Bowers (Harpursville), Angela Ellis (Lansing); 2nd – Stacie Conklin (Deposit), Christy Yost (Harpursville); 4th – Rosie Albano (Roxbury), Chrissy Axtell (Deposit), Julie Griffin (Margaretville), Becky Sutton (Gilboa); 5th – Shelly Bryant (Windham-Ashland-Jewett), Nancy Wells (Lansing)


A: 1st – Tricia Matison (Horseheads), Kim Lake (Binghamton); 2nd – Holly Jeffery (Union-Endicott), Jill Webster (Horseheads); 3rd – Bridget Baxter (Binghamton), Kelley Sax (Vestal), Samantha Riegel (Union-Endicott); 4th – Kelly Buckley (Horseheads); 5th – Kelly Ritch (Vestal)

B: 1st – Alycia Walker (Johnson City), Kari Smith (Chenango Forks), Kera Sommer (Chenango Forks); 2nd – Charlene Cook (Johnson City), Kara Hassinger (Chenango Forks); 3rd – Tambi Yu (Chenango Valley), Cherie Smith (Elmira Free Academy); 4th – Chris Dyman (Johnson City), Lynn Baker (Chenango Valley), Beth Gillin (Chenango Forks); 5th – Jenn Markert (Chenango Forks)

C: 1st – Michelle Callahan (Seton), Liz Wagner (Sidney); 2nd – Bobbie Jo McMail (Elmira Notre Dame), Denise Yasharian (Harpursville); 3rd – Christy Palilonis (Windsor), Josette Woodyshek (Sidney), Bridget Mills (Greene); 4th – Char Loomis (Lansing), Laura Criddle (Harpursville); 5th – Michelle Bump (Windsor)

D: 1st – Maureen Mawhir (Edison), Stacey Gryska (Edison), Chrissy Axtell (Deposit); 2nd – Julie Griffin (Margaretville); 3rd – Robin Hoyt (Edison), Laurie Darling (Roxbury), Kari Blish (Margaretville); 4th – Stacie Conklin (Deposit)



(No Classes, Just Teams): 1st – Christin Conroy (Chenango Valley), Stephanie Malchak (Johnson City); 2nd – Mary Bishop (Union-Endicott), Kelley Sax (Vestal), Amy Vrendenburgh (Chenango Forks), 3rd – Kelly LaBare (Union-Endicott); 4th – Tammy Seymour (Deposit), Kim Wida (Elmira Southside); 5th – Carrie Chase (Union-Endicott), Tania Cieri (Union-Endicott); 6th – Tricia Matison (Horseheads), Denise Yasharian (Harpursville); 7th – Beth Gillin (Chenango Forks), Bobbie Jo McMail (Elmira Notre Dame); 8th – Lis Vosbury (Susquehanna Valley); 9th – Gina Van Pelt (Deposit), Kathy Wida (Elmira Southside); 10th – Heather Beadle (Greene)

* For a full list of players dating back to 2006, head over to the New York State Sportswriters Association website.
Total Number of All-State Selections by School

Afton: 89

Susquehanna Valley: 71

Horseheads: 70

Windsor: 67

Elmira Notre Dame: 64

Deposit: 55

Union-Endicott: 55

Chenango Valley: 48

Maine-Endwell: 44

Seton: 43

Chenango Forks: 42

Edison: 37

Vestal: 37

Binghamton: 32  

Johnson City: 27

Greene: 23

Corning: 21

Owego: 19

Elmira Free Academy: 17  

Lansing: 17

Harpursville: 16

Tioga: 14

Deposit-Hancock: 14

Hancock: 13

Sidney: 13

Edmeston: 12

Corning West: 11

Roxbury: 11

Oneonta: 10

Waverly: 10

Elmira: 9

Elmira Southside: 7

Margaretville: 6

Union Springs: 6  

Bainbridge-Guilford: 5  

Norwich: 5

Whitney Point: 5

Schenevus: 5

Groton: 4

Oxford: 3

Watkins Glen: 3

Marathon: 3

Southern Cayuga: 3

Franklin: 2

Richfield Springs: 2

Spencer-Van Etten: 2

Stamford: 2

Windham-Ashland-Jewett: 2

Worcester: 2

Gilboa: 2

Milford: 2

Morris/Edmeston: 2

Charlotte Valley: 2

Candor: 1

Downsville: 1  

Ithaca: 1

Moravia: 1

Newark Valley: 1

Odessa-Montour: 1

Morris: 1

Laurens/Milford: 1

Dryden: 1 

Binghamton North: 0

Cherry Valley-Springfield: 0  

Corning East: 0

Delhi: 0    

Gilbertsville: 0

Gilbertsville-Mount Upton: 0

Grand Gorge: 0

Hunter-Tannersville: 0

Jefferson: 0

Laurens: 0

McGraw: 0

New Berlin: 0

Newfield: 0

Otselic Valley: 0

Sherburne-Earlville: 0

South Kortright: 0

South New Berlin: 0

Trumansburg: 0

Unadilla Valley: 0

Unatego: 0

Walton: 0

New York State Player of the Year

All 50 Selections from Section IV


Makenzie Stiles, Deposit - Class D (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)



Barb Cook, Susquehanna Valley - Class B (1997, 1998, 1999)

Beckah Wiggins, Susquehanna Valley - Class A (2005), Class B (2006, 2007)

Jessie Winans, Afton - Class D (2008, 2009, 2010)



Julie Stashko, Seton - Class C (1994*, 1996)

Megan Evans, Elmira Notre Dame - Class C (2000, 2001)

Kris Kelly, Afton - Class D (2001, 2002)

Rachael Wiggins, Susquehanna Valley - Class B (2003, 2004)

Olivia May, Elmira Notre Dame - Class C (2011, 2013) 

Paige Rauch, Binghamton - Class AA (2016, 2017)

Emily Hess, Maine-Endwell - Class A (2017, 2018)

Olivia Kennedy, Greene - Class C (2021, 2022)



Jenn Markert, Chenango Forks - Class B (1993*)

Christina Kowalski, Horseheads - Class A (1996)

Andrea Noyes, Afton - Class D (1997)

Ann Magur, Union-Endicott - Class A (2000) 

Emily Ling, Chenango Valley - Class B (2001)

Mary Ellen Russell, Owego - Class B (2003)

Sara Surosky, Horseheads - Class A (2003) 

Ashley Buchanan, Windsor - Class B (2004)

Kristin Waldron, Windsor - Class B (2008)

Mikala King, Chenango Valley - Class B (2010)

Leslie Dempsey, Windsor - Class B (2011)

Cara Martin, Windsor - Class B (2011)

Katelyn Warren, Edison - Class C (2014) 

Chelsea Henige, Chenango Valley - Class B (2015)

Alivia Clark, Elmira Notre Dame - Class C (2016)

Megan Faulkner, Deposit - Class D (2016)

Laura Bennett, Corning - Class AA (2019)

Bella Willsey, Edison - Class C (2019)

Olivia Lewis, Maine-Endwell - Class A (2023)

Kaitlyn Macumber, Deposit-Hancock - Class D (2023)

* State Player of the Year for all classes

New York State Coach of the Year

All 33 Selections from Section IV


Dale Cook, Susquehanna Valley - Class B (1996, 1997, 1998, 2006), Class A (2005) 


Cindy Bostelman, Afton - Class D (1995, 2001, 2005, 2009)

Dan Briggs, Deposit - Class D (2016, 2019), Deposit-Hancock - Class C (2021), Class D (2022)

Bill Waldron, Windsor - Class B (2008, 2011, 2013, 2023)



Ed Swartwout, Deposit - Class D (2011, 2015)

Steve Weber, Elmira Notre Dame - Class C (2011, 2016)



Ron Decosse, Chenango Forks - Class B (1993*)

Vickie Sax, Vestal - Class A (1995)

Warren Conklin, Horseheads - Class A (1996)

Heather Vanca, Chenango Valley - Class B (2001)

Karen Bidwell, Susquehanna Valley - Class B (2007)

Eric Coleman, Chenango Valley - Class B (2010)

Rebecca Cooper, Edison - Class C (2014)

Joe Mancinelli, Binghamton - Class AA (2016)

Matt Raleigh, Maine-Endwell - Class A (2016)

Ken Plows, Edmeston - Class D (2017)

Mike Johnston, Corning - Class AA (2019)

Liz Warren, Edison - Class C (2019)

*State Coach of the Year for all classes

Multiple Appearances on the All-State List


Jessie Winans, Afton (2005-2010)



Barb Cook, Susquehanna Valley (1995-1999)

Ashley Sherman, Afton (1998-2002)

Rachael Wiggins, Susquehanna Valley (2000-2004)

Catherine Johnson, Edmeston (2003-2007)

Dani Koltz, Chenango Valley (2005-2009)

Nicole Osovski, Maine-Endwell (2005-2009)

Paige Rauch, Windsor (2013-2015), Binghamton (2016-2017)

Makenzie Stiles, Deposit (2015-2019)



Charlene Cook, Johnson City (1991-1994)

Jenn Markert, Chenango Forks (1991-1994)

Marci Forbidussi, Union-Endicott (1992-1995)

Joy Judski, Seton (1992-1995)

Tara McGoff, Chenango Valley (1992-1995)

Christina Kowalski, Horseheads (1993-1996)

Julie Stashko, Seton (1993-1996)

Shelly Burrell, Owego (1994-1997)

Char Dodd, Susquehanna Valley (1995-1998)

Andrea Noyes, Afton (1995-1998)

Ollie Noyes, Afton (1995-1998)

Ann Magur, Union-Endicott (1997-2000)

Kris Kelly, Afton (1999-2002)

Sara Surosky, Horseheads (2000-2003)

Natalie Frost, Elmira Notre Dame (2001-2004)

Renee Kemmerer, Afton (2001-2004) 

Lindsay Page, Afton (2002-2005)

Brittni Frantellizzi, Susquehanna Valley (2003-2006)

Stephanie Geer, Seton (2004-2007)

Meghan Shager, Susquehanna Valley (2004-2007)

Kristin Waldron, Windsor (2005-2008)

Sarah Wayson, Tioga (2008-2011)  

Sydney Dimon, Elmira Notre Dame (2009-2012)

Rebecca Hanrahan, Greene (2009-2012)

Olivia May, Elmira Notre Dame (2010-2013)

Michaela Transue, Chenango Forks (2010-2013)

Payton Cutting, Afton (2011-2014)

Cassidy Phillips, Afton (2012-2015)  

Alivia Clark, Elmira Notre Dame (2013-2016)

Connor Decker, Afton (2013), Sidney (2014-2016)

Allison Lockwood, Windsor (2013-2016)

Sarah Lawrence, Edmeston (2014-2017)

Mackenzie Maloney, Elmira Notre Dame (2014-2017)

Sophia Pappas, Susquehanna Valley (2015-2018)

Bryn Martin, Deposit (2016-2019)

Mikayla Martin, Deposit (2016-2019)

Laycee Drake, Hancock (2017-2019), Deposit-Hancock (2021)

Atalyia Rijo, Corning (2018-2019, 2021-2022)


Bobbie Jo McMail, Elmira Notre Dame (1990-1992)

Kelley Sax, Vestal (1990-1992)

Bridget Baxter, Binghamton (1991-1993)

Kelley Buckley, Horseheads (1991, 1993-1994)

Kelly Ritch, Vestal (1991-1993)

Liz Wagner, Sidney (1991-1993)

Josette Woodyshek, Sidney (1991-1993)

Regina Speicher, Seton (1993, 1995-1996)

Michelle Castle, Afton (1995-1997)

Alicia Bocek, Binghamton (1996-1998)

Katie Crandall, Lansing (1996-1998)

Billie Boles, Lansing (1998-2000)

Tamara Snyder, Roxbury (1998-2000)

Megan Evans, Elmira Notre Dame (1999-2001)

Emily Ling, Chenango Valley (1999-2001)

Nikki Matisi, Union-Endicott (1999-2001)

Jen Winters, Vestal (1999-2000, 2002)

Katrina Dunning, Horseheads (2000-2002)

Katie Forsythe, Chenango Valley (2000-2002)

Megan Oliver, Maine-Endwell (2000-2002)

Theresa Walsh, Susquehanna Valley (2000-2002)

Mary Ellen Russell, Owego (2001-2003) 

Lisa Meck, Elmira Notre Dame (2001-2003)

Michelle Forsburg, Vestal (2002-2004)

Shannon Pease, Susquehanna Valley (2003-2005)

Stephanie Senko, Elmira Free Academy (2003-2005)

Kirsten Costello, Windsor (2004-2006)

Jessica Kreitzer, Elmira Notre Dame (2004-2006)

Rachel Pirozzolo, Elmira Free Academy (2004-2006)

Kara Morenus, Horseheads (2005-2007)

Anne Marie Pagano, Whitney Point (2005-2007)

Morgan Muller, Afton (2006-2008)

Sierra Sheehan, Chenango Forks (2006), Chenango Valley (2007-2008)

Kaitlyn Harris, Maine-Endwell (2008-2010)

Lindsey Haskell, Susquehanna Valley (2009, 2011-2012)

Quincy Lewis, Corning West (2009), Corning (2011-2012)

Kelly Costello, Windsor (2010-2012)

Emma Benson, Windsor (2011, 2013-2014)

Chelsea Henige, Chenango Valley (2012, 2014-2015)

Katelyn Warren, Edison (2012-2014)

Brianna Baker, Oneonta (2013-2015)

Kylie Papagelos, Deposit (2013-2015)

Mara Kohlbach, Windsor (2014-2016)

Mckenzie Slaven, Edison (2014-2016)

Samantha Wood, Tioga (2014-2016)

Kaily LaForce, Binghamton (2015-2017)

Alea Tiffany, Deposit (2015-2017)

Hannah Haskell, Susquehanna Valley (2016-2018)

Kyra Martin, Deposit (2016-2018)

Izzy Milazzo, Elmira Notre Dame (2016-2018)

Natalie Novak, Johnson City (2016-2018)

Megan Palmatier, Bainbridge-Guilford (2016-2018)

Alli Richmond, Horseheads (2016-2018)

Alexis Wood, Elmira (2017-2019)

Amanda DeSantis, Maine-Endwell (2018-2019, 2021)

Olivia Kennedy, Greene (2019, 2021-2022)

Olivia Lewis, Maine-Endwell (2021-2023)

Olivia Switzer, Elmira Notre Dame (2021-2023)

Lawson Bigelow, Elmira Notre Dame (2021-2023)

Kaitlyn Macumber, Deposit-Hancock (2021-2023)

Hannah Wist, Morris (2021), Morris/Edmeston (2022-2023)


Beth Gillin, Chenango Forks (1990-1991)

Tricia Matison, Horseheads (1990-1991)

Denise Yasharian, Harpursville (1990-1991)

Chrissy Axtell, Deposit (1991-1992)

Stacie Conklin, Deposit (1991-1992)

Julie Griffin, Margaretville (1991-1992)

Kara Hassinger, Chenango Forks (1991-1992)

Cherie Smith, Elmira Free Academy (1991-1992)

Jill Webster, Horseheads (1991-1992)

Tambi Yu, Chenango Valley (1991-1992)

Kris Antonyak, Chenango Forks (1992-1993)

Carey Bowers, Harpursville (1992-1993)

Danea Ciotoli, Union-Endicott (1992-1993)

Jerica Crane, Lansing (1993-1994)

Mary Ducey, Seton (1992-1993)

Angela Ellis, Lansing (1992-1993)

Bobbie Goga, Chenango Forks (1992-1993)

Renee Thayer, Harpursville (1992-1993)

Nancy Wells, Lansing (1992-1993)

Carrie Ann Bush, Chenango Forks (1993-1994)

Michelle Eggleston, Afton (1993-1994)

Nicole Monroney, Union-Endicott (1993-1994)

Rachel Racibor, Owego (1993-1994)

Danielle Baldwin, Bainbridge-Guilford (1994, 1996)

Toni Darling, Groton (1994-1995)

Cori Drummond, Corning West (1994-1995)

Sunshine Leonard, Chenango Forks (1994-1995)

Jennifer Pratt, Greene (1994-1995)

Kara Spolsky, Seton (1994-1995)

Karen Yenger, Edison (1994-1995)

Meaghan Coleman, Susquehanna Valley (1995-1996)

Danielle Guccia, Johnson City (1995-1996)

Tanya Heath, Chenango Forks (1995-1996)

Danielle Noyes, Afton (1995-1996)

Jamie Pier, Windsor (1995-1996)

Danielle Shaver, Vestal (1995, 1997)

Lea Younker, Vestal (1995-1996)

Sara DeClemente, Corning West (1997-1998)

Kristina Dillon, Binghamton (1997-1998)

Amy Dodd, Susquehanna Valley (1997-1998)

Mona Lee, Seton (1997-1998)

Ann Nute, Afton (1997-1998)

Bernice St. Clair, Seton (1997-1998)

Lisa Henningsen, Susquehanna Valley (1998-1999)

Amanda Kent, Horseheads (1998-1999)

Lara Stone, Windsor (1999-2000)

Kelly D’Angelo, Elmira Southside (2000-2001)

Melanie Potson, Elmira Notre Dame (2000-2001)

Jeanette Rinker, Seton (2000-2001)

Lindsay Smith, Margaretville (2000-2001)

Annie Eckerson, Seton (2001-2002)

Lauren Picciano, Union-Endicott (2001-2002)

Kim Spreng, Elmira Free Academy (2001-2002)

Liz Akshar, Afton (2002-2003)

Laura Belardinelli, Union-Endicott (2002-2003)

Kristen Merrell, Harpursville (2002-2003)

Jessie Page, Afton (2002-2003)

Brittany Schnautz, Elmira Notre Dame (2002-2003)

Martha Senko, Elmira Notre Dame (2002-2003)

Lacey Anderson, Deposit (2003-2004)

Lindsay Knapp, Elmira Notre Dame (2003-2004)

Nicole McDonald, Edison (2003-2004)

Monika Green, Edison (2004-2005)

Katrina Katen, Deposit (2004-2005)

Megan Waldron, Windsor (2004-2005)

Jackie Dean, Horseheads (2005-2006)

Mary Grace, Susquehanna Valley (2005-2006)

Cassie Eckenrode, Union-Endicott (2006-2007)

Liz Rice, Hancock (2006-2007)

Anderson Conte, Seton (2007-2008)

Alicia Garbade, Seton (2007-2008)

Tenley Halaquist, Windsor (2007-2008)

Kolleene Simmons, Corning West (2007-2008)

Lindsey Stout, Vestal (2007-2008)

Abbie Surosky, Horseheads (2007-2008)

Alicia Cacciotti, Horseheads (2008-2009)

Hali Enderby, Horseheads (2008-2009)

Demetra Kermidas, Chenango Valley (2008-2009)

Marissa Miller, Tioga (2008-2009)

Kelsey Mullins, Susquehanna Valley (2008-2009)

Emily Pautz, Elmira Notre Dame (2008-2009)

Emily Reed, Binghamton (2008-2009)

Ashley Winans, Afton (2008-2009)

Jessica Bump, Windsor (2009-2010)

Lesley Harlem, Oneonta (2009-2010)

Meaghan Lewis, Chenango Valley (2009-2010)

Stephanie Parsons, Afton (2009-2010)

Stephanie Sherman, Afton (2009-2010)

Leslie Dempsey, Windsor (2010-2011)

Taylor Hendrickson, Chenango Valley (2010-2011)

Cara Martin, Windsor (2010-2011)

Taylor Briggs, Afton (2011-2012)

Taylor Chaffee, Watkins Glen (2011-2012)

Hannah Freyer, Deposit (2011-2012)

MacKenzie Martin, Deposit (2011-2012)

Samantha Stento, Seton (2011, 2013)

Taylor Stupski, Chenango Valley (2011-2012)

Elizabeth Warren, Edison (2011-2012)

Caitlin Willis, Greene (2011-2012)

Cheylen Andolino, Corning (2012-2013)

Justina Ellis, Deposit (2012-2013)

Morgan Starley, Windsor (2012-2013)

Taylor Chidester, Maine-Endwell (2013-2014)

Shelby Pettersen, Deposit (2013-2014)

Jessica Rutherford, Horseheads (2013-2014)

Brooke Sherburne, Hancock (2013-2014)

Bailey Sherman, Afton (2013, 2015)

Emily Lear, Edison (2014, 2016)

Tanya Hatton, Afton (2014-2015)

Katie Richvalsky, Richfield Springs (2014-2015)

Megan Faulkner, Deposit (2015-2016)

Alli McGovern, Binghamton (2015-2016)

Alison Missavage, Maine-Endwell (2015-2016)

Kassidy Seary, Norwich (2015-2016)

Grace Van Horn, Union Springs (2015, 2017)

Kylie Warner, Chenango Forks (2015-2016)

Katrina Fox, Johnson City (2016-2017)

Alexis Phillips, Chenango Valley (2016-2017)

Meaghan Raleigh, Maine-Endwell (2016-2017)

Alexis Wanchisen, Maine-Endwell (2016-2017)

Erin Ballard, Deposit (2017-2018)

Jodie Burdick, Edison (2017-2018) 

McKenzi Donahue, Windsor (2017-2018)

Emily Hess, Maine-Endwell (2017-2018)

Aubrin Smith, Deposit (2017-2018)

Laura Bennett, Corning (2018-2019)

Tess Cites, Horseheads (2018-2019)

Kendall Cook, Horseheads (2018-2019)

Wendi Hammond, Waverly (2018-2019)

Allie L’Amoreaux, Maine-Endwell (2018-2019)

Abby Madigan, Union-Endicott (2018-2019)

Taylor Mischler, Union-Endicott (2018-2019)

Meredith Rose, Maine-Endwell (2018-2019)

Alaina Smith, Deposit (2018-2019)

Bella Willsey, Edison (2018-2019)

Haleigh Weyrauch, Hancock (2018-2019)

Sarah Coon, Elmira (2019, 2021)

Melissa Demo, Maine-Endwell (2019, 2021)

Maddie Donlin, Vestal (2019, 2021)

Grace Cadden, Chenango Forks (2019, 2021)

Danielle Seymour, Deposit (2019), Deposit-Hancock (2021)

Ellie DeRosa, Corning (2021-2022)

Eva Koratsis, Horseheads (2021-2022)

Kellie Zoerb, Corning (2021-2022)

Molly Wolf, Horseheads (2021-2022)

Makenna DeMoney, Susquehanna Valley (2021-2022)

Peyton Swartwout, Windsor (2021-2022)

McKenzie Scott, Greene (2021-2022)

Ava Mustico, Elmira Notre Dame (2021-2022)

Riley Martin, Deposit (2019), Deposit-Hancock (2022)

Rylee Smith, Deposit-Hancock (2021-2022)

Bryanna Meehan, Roxbury (2021-2022)

Caitlyn Petteys, Vestal (2022-2023)

Kymora Wang, Vestal (2022-2023)

Kaety L'Amoreaux, Maine-Endwell (2022-2023)

Kendall Brady, Vestal (2022-2023)

Madeline Trisket, Chenango Valley (2022-2023)

Kate Hope, Chenango Valley (2022-2023)

Sarah Nickerson, Chenango Forks (2022-2023)

Kylee Richardson, Susquehanna Valley (2022-2023)

Payton Yahner, Greene (2022-2023)

Ellie Brozon, Southern Cayuga (2022-2023)

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